A warm welcome to all friends visiting the site with a loving invitation to read my personal expressions on movies, music, poetry and life.

Music and Movies are like Ears and Eyes to me and if you also feel the same, then you are going to enjoy every moment spent on my works here, for sure.

Do send in your valuable comments and suggestions as they would be my guide for all the future works.


NOOR - What a confused and lazy way to make a crime investigative thriller with neither thrills nor any investigations ending on a weird note. (Review By Bobby Sing).

This Friday's One Line Reviews by Bobby Sing for making your movie plans..

When my Career Consultancy didn't work for a few strangely concerned parents. - by Bobby Sing (Few Life Inspiring Words - 23).

FAST & FURIOUS 8 (English/Hindi) - Partially enjoyable, but strictly for the fans loving the action genre. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing].

MANJE BISTRE (Punjabi) - It seems Punjabi Cinema is now stuck with period dramas focusing on a 'Vyah Wala Ghar' as their latest repetitive obsession. (Review By Bobby Sing).

BEGUM JAAN (Hindi) / RAJKAHINI (Bengali) - Benegal's MANDI meets Manto's TOBA TEK SINGH and Mehta's MIRCH MASALA in this bold but over dramatic effort, sadly remaining too bland to be called an epic despite its noble intentions. (An overview by Bobby Sing).

The last 2 shows at REGAL and the one man behind the event, nobody knows about. (A detailed emotional and technical description by Bobby Sing).

MUKTI BHAWAN (Hotel Salvation) - Could have been a classic, but surely deserves to be seen for its subject, performances and Varanasi in particular. (Review by Bobby Sing).

LAALI KI SHAADI MEIN LAADDOO DEEWANA - Stay away from this marriage and its tiring absurdity. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing].

MIRZA JUULIET - One of those strictly avoidable films that make you wonder why they got made and for whom? (Review By Bobby Sing).

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Welcome To Bobby Talks Cinema.com

A warm welcome to all at Bobby Talks Cinema,
Thanks for showing your kind interest in my sincere works and for your valuable time given to the write-ups here. Since any creation is incomplete without the right appreciation and criticism so I would love to receive honest comments, views, suggestions and recommendations from all the friends visiting the site as the guidance for my future works.
You may have information about some rare movie or any precious piece of art which is not known to many but needs to be seen as a must. It would be great to know about it and to share our mutual knowledge of many unforgettable movies, music or poetry together here at BTC. You can also join me at Facebook/Twitter for discussing on any current topic or film and I would be glad to be a part of your creative quest instantly through these social networking portals.
So waiting for all your precious mails at bobbysing@gmail.com 
or waiting to meet you at : 

With warm wishes and HIS BLESSINGS
Bobby Sing
10 March 2009 / bobbysing /
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107 Responses to “ contact info”
Pratik Mehta   
submitted on 24 May 2009
You are doing excellent job dear.
Thank you for everything and specially your emai id.
submitted on 24 May 2009

Thanks for your encouragement......
Looking forward to more comments from you on my post...

Raja Shah   
submitted on 08 June 2009

Dear Bobby
This is an excellent web site and i am glad to have found it using random search. I am truly impressed with the format of your articles and also very happy to see excellent unbiased and true representation of your cinematic love.

Personally, I feel that you have avoided B.R.Chopra movies, but i strongly recommend "kanoon" in court room drama and "sadhna" in dramas. Also, Raj Khosla had some great movies like "woh kaun thi" & "mera saaya". I hope you cover them shortly.

Once again, thank you so very much for this tremendous collection and i hope i will go through each one in detail soon.

Is there a way we can get update notices so that we can come and check the site?


submitted on 09 June 2009

Hi Raja,

Thanks for your appreciation and I am really glad you liked my articles at the site.

I surely like B.R. Chopra movies and few Raj Khosla too. And as you remindme of them, I will once again watch those movies (since i saw them long time back). Interestingly, "Kannon" was there in my mind from long.

But regarding "Woh Kaun Thi", it was not included as it was highly inspired from Hitchcock's "Vertigo" and couldnt be a better version than the original, though had some good melodies.

And yes you can just write your e-mail Id in the Subscription box at the right and then i will inform you whenever i have written some new articles for all my friends..

Thanks again for your appreciation and please feel free to give your comments to my works here.


Raja Shah   www.webspousa.com
submitted on 27 June 2009

Hi Bobby
I read your movie review for Kanoon. Thank you.
I now hope that you will also put director B.R. Chopra in your lists of Directors I love! Naya Daur, Sadhana, Insaaf Ka Tarazu, Aaj Ki Awaaz, Humraah, Ek Hi Raasta, Pati Patni Aur Woh etc. many movies were truly remarkable and way ahead of its times.
He was a brilliant producer as well.
Anyways, once again thank you for your sincere postings which i am so much overwhelmed by as it very many times meets my own thoughts identically about the piece of cinema i saw!

Raja SHah

submitted on 27 June 2009

Thanks Raja for your kind words of appreciation.
I Would sincerely try to keep up the standards of my works and look into all your recommendations.


Amr Singh   http://ani4i.blogspot.com/
submitted on 02 September 2009

i liked your webpage you have great ways to go but still as a movie point of view there are plenty of things missing.as a movies buff even i would like to share my thoughts to it if i can write to it..i even liked you did not add karan johar and yash chopra..etc directors in your "Directors I Love"

submitted on 02 September 2009

Hi Amr,

Thanks for visitng my site and loving it. Its really great that you also want to share your thoughts here with everyone.
Curretly we can have the excahgne of ideas through the comments section only. And many of our friends have already done that. (Chek out Kaminey Review Post)

Regarding the List of "Direcors I Love", thanks for making my remember one of the most lovable director "Yash Chopra" whom I missed out somehow. He is now there in the list as suggested. As far as Karan Johar is conecerned, I would like to wait for moreof his movies as till now he has made projects more on the glossier  side of life.

Thanks once again and waiting for your valuabel comments.

bobby sing


Amr Singh   http://ani4i.blogspot.com/
submitted on 02 September 2009

dear i liked you did not put up yashraj and karan johar as their work is more of earning money they are not into making a good movie i m surprised you changed the list i do not like their work at all..

submitted on 02 September 2009

Hi Amr,

I have only included Yash Chopra as I think he truly deserves a place there, not beaucse of his recent movies, but due to the great masterpieces he gave us in the 70s and 80s like "Daag", "Waqt", "Kabhie Kabhie", "Kala Patthar", "Deewar", "Trishul", "Silsila" and many more such movies which are all there in my "Movies to See Before You Die" list.

Hence Yash Chopra has to be there in the list and somehow it was my mistake to miss him.

But I couldnt include Karan Johar, as you yoursefl have given the reason for that.

Thanks & Keep Logging


chandra saxena   
submitted on 06 December 2009

 I wish to buy CD of Madhushala sung by Shri Amitabh Bachchan. Not getting in stores. Hope you can help me. pl reply to my email.

chandrakant saxena

submitted on 06 December 2009


Thanks for visiting......Sent you a mail regarding the same.


Navneet Mundhra   
submitted on 01 February 2010

Where is Majid majidi, Sergio Leone & Vitor Fleming in your Dream Director's List??

They all are legends of world cinema.

submitted on 01 February 2010

Thanks for reminding Naveen.

Out of the names suggested, I would love to add "Majid Majidi" in my list.

Thanks once again and keep writing in.

Navneet Mundhra   
submitted on 06 February 2010

It was my pleasure.
Dibanker Banerjee, Ashutosh Govarikar & Tigmanshu Dhulia are no doubt talented but Its bit too early to include them in your favourite Director's list. There are so many people in World Cinema who are & were exceptional directors.

Why not Manmohan desai in the list? Just because he made potboilers & not the serious cum sombre stuff?? he was the pioneer of commercial cinema. he has inspired many successful directors of today who have admit that they are hugely inspired by Manmohan desai. Some of them are farah Khan, David Dhawan, Anees bazmee & Rohit Shetty. You can see his impact on many more directors like SUBHASH GHAI.

He discovered the Commercial cinema &he was a mass entertainer. Which other director has inspired & influenced so many Successful director. Its high time that he should get his dues.

Infact, NEW YOTK time called JAMES CAMERON, the Manmohan Desai of WEST. What a tribute to a great man.

 Even Ritwik Ghatak, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Clink Eastwood, Sergio Leone & Shakti Samanta deserve a place in your list.

Can you tell me why these legends are not in your list but Dibanker Banerjee, Ashutosh Govarikar & Tigmanshu Dhulia are enjoying this feat? Is Rajkumar santoshi a better director than SERGIO Leone or Clint eastwood??

 Also, BREAKING AWAY deserves a place in your list of sports movies.

submitted on 07 February 2010


Hi Navneet,
Thanks for once again reminding me of some more names whom I loved a lot, but somehow missed to include in my list of favourites.
At the same time I would like to say that at one end you are very right in suggesting me some names, but on the other end I dont agree with your comparison of one director with another and questioning their presence in the list. Cause, each name in the list has a different identity and qualities for which he is loved by all the movie lovers.
Moreover, If a person makes 2-3 films and all are brilliant & good enough to be discussed in great details then he rightly deserves to be there in the list, even if he is a newcomer or a veteran director in the field.
Secondly if you insist of including Manmohan Desai in the list, then Prakash Mehra also has to be there as a compulsion because these two were the most famous competitors in the 70s and 80s competing with their cult films of Amitabh Bachchan.
From the other names I would certainly vouch for Ritwik Ghatak & Clint Eastwood.
Sergio Leone was no doubt a trend setter but that genre is not what I love watching a lot. Even Clint Eastwood impressed me more with this later movies, away from his famous Cowboy image.

Shakti Samanta again was a great director as his Rajesh Khanna cult movies & other hits are a great contribution in the Indian Cinema. I do love most of his movies but I still frankly would not go for a movie only because its directed by him.
And lastly I am still looking for Adoor Gopalakrishnan's movies DVDs with subtitles options. 
So again I have added few names in my list after your kind reminder.

Would also comment on BREAKING AWAY after watching it soon.
Once again Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.
sarad verma   
submitted on 27 February 2010

Thank you bobby sir,

I got my gf from your site

submitted on 27 February 2010

Sorry.....I couldnt get you Sarad........!

submitted on 23 April 2010

Hi Bobby,
Amazing work Paa Ji.
First time visitor and you are an instant hit for me and this site is now added to my favs.
Keep up the good work.

Are you on FB/Twitter yet?

Take care,

submitted on 23 April 2010

Thanks Paddy for your kind appreciation and do keep visiting and writing in.....

You can also share views with me at Facebook and Twitter, but I would really prefer discussing movies, music poetry and life at the site as then many other friends can participate in it too.

Here are the links :






Babu Moshay   
submitted on 29 April 2010

Sing is King! :-)

Oye Lovely Lovely Site Oye!

submitted on 29 April 2010

Hi Babu Moshay,

Thanks a lot for your uplifting words........and Please keep visiting for more...


Jasraj singh   
submitted on 18 June 2010

Hi buddy ,
I have become a regular visitor at your site.
Waiting for your review on Raavan.
Keep up the good work and since you are in the music industry I would like you to listen to Satinder Sartaj.

Jasraj :)

submitted on 18 June 2010

Hi Jasraj,
Thanks for appreciating and regularly visiting my site. My Raavan review is online now but sadly its not too encouraging.

And regarding your recommendation of Sartaj, I feel greatly satisfied and happy looking at his success because he is known to me from many years now.

His talent was bound to be reconganised but the people took it many years to give him his due. Anyway he is now well seated on his plane of success and is ready to reach much higher state of success.

Thanks once again and Keep Visiting and Writing in.......Cheers!

submitted on 20 July 2010

hey Mr Bobby,
I appreciate all of ur work as it takes lots of research to gather such a huge database.
Coming 2 the point, I read ur "Must See Movies" column today and all of a sudden, glimpses of movie "Kaun" surrounded me in my imagination.
I was wondering, why is it that this movie didnt find a spot in ur must watch list.
Its the most underrated but the most finest work of RGV THE GREAT.
Would like 2 hear something about this movie from you sir.

submitted on 24 July 2010

Hi Arshad,
Thanks for your kind words brother and regarding your obsevation, I will have to admit that you surely reminded me of a great thriller movie which rightly deserves its place in my list of "Movie To See Before You Die".

Actually I think when you are a die hard fan of a particular person then his works get automatically considered as already included in the list. And that is the reason why I think I missed on to this fine work of the master.

Now I will soon add it and then send you the link for the same.
Thanks Once Again for reminidng me and Keep Visiting..........Cheers!

Vinod Kumar   
submitted on 31 July 2010

please put me on mailing list?

submitted on 30 July 2010

Sure Vinod Kumar, 

The RSS feed option is also under process, which would easily provide you the latest updates.
Meanwhile Keep visiting and writing in......Cheers!

submitted on 16 February 2011

Hi Bobby,

Awesome site with exclusive information. Excellent. Love to be connected with your page. As you are a Cinema Freak , I am Amitabh Bachchan Freak.

Bobby, do you have something special about Amitabh or exclusive video,picture or anything. love to see that.

I am sure you have many things in your Arena.

Ravish Verma

submitted on 20 February 2011

Hi Ravish Verma,

Thanks for your kind words and great to know that you are Amitabh Bachhan freak.

Your concern for Amitabh, made me remember some great photographs I have in mind which I think I may have kept somewhere.

But for that I need time and I hope I can get them for you. So let me search and I will get back to you soon.



Capt Chand Pathak   
submitted on 20 April 2011

Hi Bobby
Ever thought of starting a movie club where all us movie freaks can sit & warch together..I have been yearning to join one...Can you suggest one in Delhi? Capt Chand Pathak

Ajay   www.metaindia.blogspot.com
submitted on 01 June 2011

BB, Need or feeling like, a search box should be there on home page !!
As, i wanted to read something about any movie so just to write the key words in search box and could reach there directly !! Say what !!?

Cheers...Success & Happiness


submitted on 01 June 2011

Hi Ajay,
The Search Box is right there in the right Column. Do look out for it and Search the movie you wish to read about.

jarnail singh   google
submitted on 30 August 2011
Dear brother ur work is excellent . I have a quire about a movie which was telecast ed on Doordarshan national in 1992 , I forgot the name . the movie is based on Guru Nanak Dev's story Sajjan the Robber . In story a couple was living on a distant place and gave shelter to travelers at night and killed them in their sleep. at last they kill their son also who was sent abroad to study in his childhood . please help me to find the name of that movie .
submitted on 09 September 2011

Hi Jarnail Singh,
First of all thanks a lot for applauding my sincere efforts here and thanks for visiting the site too.

Regarding your quiry, I would be able to find the name only if you can give me some cast names of it (if you remember) Or may be any producer or director of the film.

If provided these details I would surely love to look into this in details.


baljit singh   
submitted on 04 September 2011
hi sir,
i just want 2 know ur review regarding - A non fiction feature film on Kiran Bedi's life, Yes Madam, Sir, has been produced by Australian film maker, Megan Doneman.
submitted on 09 September 2011

Hi Baljit,
I havent seen this docu film on Kiran Bedi's life, called "Yes Madam, Sir".
Its not available here at home video, but would soon try to get it if possible.
And then would surely get back with my views on it.

Till then just keep visiting here.

jarnail singh   google
submitted on 28 September 2011

Dear brother ur work is excellent . I have a quire about a movie which was telecast ed on Doordarshan national in 1992 , I forgot the name . the movie is based on Guru Nanak Dev's story Sajjan the Robber . In story a couple was living on a distant place and gave shelter to travelers at night and killed them in their sleep. at last they kill their son also who was sent abroad to study in his childhood . please help me to find the name of that movie .

The name of the movie may be PARNITY , I am 50% sure about the name of the movie .

submitted on 28 September 2011

Hi Jarnai Singh,
Thanks for your kind praise and I think I may have found the movie you are mentioning. but sorry it is not entirely based on the Story you are mentioning.
Just chek if this is the film you are looking for :

Do let me know if its the same.


jarnail singh   
submitted on 30 September 2011

Bobby ji very very thanks for providing valuable information about movie Parinati - The Inevitable . sir last request , help me where can I find it .I tried a lot but in vain .
Jarnail Singh

submitted on 04 October 2011

Hi Jarnail Singh,
Sure, I will let you know as soon as I have the info about its availability in the home video market or net.
Till then do Keep Visiting.

submitted on 04 December 2011

Hey bobby,

Can u plz add a search bar to your blog. it wud be wonderful to find the review of a particular movie with speed.

Best regards!

submitted on 04 December 2011

Hi Suhaib,
Actually the SEARCH BAR is just there in the right coloum below the Video Vertical Bar.
So go for it and happy searching.

ramji   www.youtube.com/ramananraja
submitted on 05 December 2011

Sir, I have posted one comment in your dam999 review. Please see that and i want ur reply very soon. Bobby do u have interest in reviewing tamil movies.
If u are interested, review at least your favorite tamil movies at least three movies for a year. Thank you bobby singh. I appreciate your reviewing capability.

submitted on 05 December 2011

Sorry for the delay Ramji, but I have replied in the comment there.


Abhishek K   none
submitted on 24 December 2011

Sir, could you please provide me a link to "home video" where most of these movies are archived.. You may send me link in a personal email or maybe include it as a separate post which also has links to other websites offering these media sources for benefit of all readers. But do inform me of what you do.Thanx in advance.

submitted on 05 January 2012

Dear Abhishek,
If you want to purchase these movies then there are lot of sites offering them in India as well as in abroad.
In India one reputed one is INDUNA.com and you can try that out surely

Regarding myself you can know more about me and my works at the following link :

Keep Visiting and writing in.

Jithin mathew thomas   
submitted on 02 January 2012

Dear Bobby Sir,
Wishing u a happy new year. I had recommended a film by the name of machan (a srilankan film), Hope u find the film soon.
If u like it im sure u might rite about it which might inspire others also to watch the movie.

Have a blessed Year.

submitted on 05 January 2012

Hi Jithin,
Thanks for your wishes and A very happy new year to you and your family too.

I am still trying to find the movie. Do let me know if its available at any site for online purchase.
I am myself eager to see it after reading its synopsis at IMDB.

Will soon watch it for sure and  get back.
Till then Keep in touch.


submitted on 21 January 2012

Hi Jithin,
Just chek out the latest post today (21st Jan) about MACHAN.
Its indeed a great movie, a must watch for everyone loving Good and Realisitc Cinema.
And I have included it in my "Movies To See Beofre You Die" too.

Many Thanks for informing me about this and do share your comments on the same at the site.

submitted on 05 January 2012

Hi Bobby,

Just wanted to check if Serials like Buniyad, Daane Anar ke and Hum Log are now available anywhere on the web or in the stores.

I wish to see the complete episodes, but unfortunately not getting any where. Can you provide some clue, if there serials I will be able to see during my life.

best regards,


submitted on 06 January 2012

Hi Sameer,
Due to the huge number of episodes of these serials like Buniyaad and Hum Log they stlll havent been released on Home Video.
However I would surely inform you as soon as I have any info of their release in future.
Till then Keep Visiting.


vikrqam sachdev   www.kiransachdev.com
submitted on 24 January 2012

u r just different .
luv u & ur style

submitted on 09 February 2012

Thanks Vikram for your honest and frank appreciation.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

submitted on 09 March 2012
Bobby Singh,
Very few people pursue their literary interests so enthusiastically as you do.I find your critical appreciations penned with a balance of mind &heart.Carry on this good work. My good wishes are with you.Also please keep me updated about your new articles. Thanks.
submitted on 18 March 2012

Hi Poornima,
Thanks for your encouraging comment as it really provides the power to continue in the same spirits.
What you have expresssed in your honest comment, the same I have been following and asking others too, to pursue their own interests and passions of life taking atleast few hours out of their daily routine.

But once you cross the twenties and move into the family phase of life, one simply forgets about himself and starts living a different life which he never had hought of (particularly in our part of the world). And thats what I try to do here at BTC writing straight out of my own without any influence of some big names or banners.

Would love to share more and more with friends like yourself more regularly. But if you can then do join me at FACEBOOK as there I keep updating some short posts along with the Links about the articles written at the site.

Keep Writing in and Keep In touch always.

Soujanya Raj Roy   www.soujanyarajroy.com
submitted on 14 May 2012

I regularly follow your blog that's filled with your though provoking lines about various art forms. Thought of writing to you many times. But never got a chance due to my hectic college schedules. Am currently in 2nd year pursuing my Btech. Music (I believe Music Heals), Movies, creative art, performing arts and computers(am a certified graphic artist and web designer since my childhood) r my life. I am also keen to take formal training in Music. Sir, I have recently recorded few songs in my own voice (in a very small studio,-home studio with a shoestring budget) which I had written when I was in class 8 or 9. I have never learned music and whatever I have done till now just comes from within. But I understand that to get the nuances of the music correct, I need to learn.

In this regard, I would request you to kindly take a look at my work and give a judgement (or a review to my email address) on the same in a reply to me.

You can check out my work @

Love N Best Wishes,
Soujanya Raj Roy

submitted on 16 May 2012

Thanks a lot Soujanya Raj Roy for regularly visiting and appreciating my works here.
I would love to listen to your works and would surely send you a reply mail today itself.

Chandan B   
submitted on 28 July 2012
Hi Bobby ji,

I share the nostalgia & spend time regularly in searching some of the best literature serials that were aired on DD pre-cable & just about the 1990's.

I would request your help in recollecting the name of a classic literature serial which had the opening signature tune of hemant kumar mukherjee humming '''hmm hmm....tumhi..pukarlo....." the opening & closing signature with titles had just the humming part of the song....
I have been trying hard to recollect , unable to..

see if you can help.

Thanx & regards

Chandan Bhattacharya.
submitted on 02 August 2012

Hi Chandan Bhattacharya,
Thanks for writing in but you could have got the answer if you had gone through all the comments below that post only.
Anyway the name of the Serial was "Talaash" or also referred to as "Phir Wahi Talaash".

Its title song was sung by Suresh Wadekar and you can even listen to it at the following link :


submitted on 18 September 2012
Hi Bobby Sir
Now that Yash Chopra has named his new untitled movie Jab tak hai jaan staring Katrina,Anushka etc...was wondering what it's story would be...there are rumours that it is a remake or inspired from Daag-Poem of Love starring the great Rajesh Khanna etc...
the story would go like this

SRK-Katrina are lovers (maybe abroad in London), get married. He kills some dude. BUT SOMEHOW HE ENDS UP IN THE INDIAN ARMY to start a new life far away from london and law, and marries or gets involved with Anushka(daughter of some army Genreal) ... But Katrina raises their son whilst his gone, and while she thinks he's dead.. SRK as an patrotic Indian soldier bashes up the terrorists and gets famous and is noticed by the law and Katrina, renters Katrina with their son(maybe not with their son as Gulshan Nanda is not alive) and the story (love triangle) begans...reenters interpol too..what happens next...get a cd of DAAG and watch it....
submitted on 18 September 2012

Dear Shirz,
This fact is now well known as it has been widely discussed on our FACEBOOK page a few weeks before.....(you should join me there too)
And yes it does seem to be a remake of DAAG as I very well remember the story too...
However DAAG itself was not an original story idea and this is an article at the site for the same written few years back....
Do Chek it out and reply....



submitted on 19 September 2012

Hi Bobby,
I was just going through with your list of "Directors I love"
Amongst them Hrishikesh mukherjee and Alfred hitchcock are my personal favourits and both are very well known so no need to say much about them, but i do think Vijay anand is the most underrated director of hindi cinema. He is truly a jack of all - just loved the trinity of Johny Mera Naam, Jewel Thief & Teesri Manzil, one can watch these movies N no. of times and offcourse Guide a real masterpice and definately listed in Top 5 movies of Hindi cinema.
Even Tere Ghar Ke Samne (comedy), Nau Do Gyarah, Kala bazar, Black Mail & Tere Mere Sapne(his personal favourite movie) were also good.
you can pick any of above movies no matter what is the theme of movie they all have decent music with Guide, teesri manzil & kala bazar have some all time best songs.
I think as a director he started to fail after he separated from his brother Dev anand.
I don't think he was managed to make films of his potntial after mid 70's but he will always remain one of my favourite director.
It's real sad that many people remember him just as a younger brother of Dev anand but reality is that vijay anand contributed a lot in Dev anand's success.
Through your page i just wanted to admire this great Director.


submitted on 20 September 2012

Thanks Abhishek for remembering one of the finest directors of Hindi film Industry which sadly is a fact accepted by the Industry people widely but not by the audience.
Vijay Anand was also one of the key directors who taught Bollywood how to shoot songs in Hindi movies along with other veterans.....And his song situations and their execution gets a deserving mention even today whenever the maestro is discussed or written about in the media.

Hope you would love reading many other articles at the site (Particularly in the Nostalgia Series started only few days before).

So, Keep Visiting and Writing in.

Raghav Bhayana   
submitted on 27 May 2013

I was surfing on the imdb.com and unfortunately read your reviews toward Indian movies. I was surprised and found that, you have a habit of seeing only the dark side of everything. 

submitted on 26 May 2013

Thanks for your concerning views Raghav Bhayan Ji.
As they say you can never please everyone with your honest thoughts, therefore I do understand your viewpoint really.

Hope you will find many positive articles about Indian Cinema here too and Enjoy!

Thanks Once Again & Take Care with HIS BLESSINGS

submitted on 22 November 2013

Dear Bobby,

Hallo. m regular visiter of ur site(do u remember me.....?). i just love this site.

By d wy i want to kno abt ur view abt "December Boys". if u watch it, den pls leave ur review for me.

Thanks Dear.... n all d very best....

Nasik, Maharashtra

submitted on 24 November 2013

Dear Harshwardhan,
Thanks a lot for appreciating my works here and for being a regular visitor of the site.
However regarding "December Boys", I havent watched it but would soon do and get back to you on the same surely.

Till then keep visiting and writing in.

Karsh Jhaveri   
submitted on 03 December 2013
Hello, Sir!
I really love your blog and we share some similar taste about films.
I am writing a story about a father-son relationship, and as part of research I am going through personal experiences as well as watching movies based on the theme.
I have watched-
Life is Beautiful
Big Fish
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (not father-son based but still)
The Pursuit of Happyness
The Descendants

Can you suggest me some more movies?
submitted on 04 December 2013

Hi Karsh Jhaveri,
Thanks for appreciating my works at the site and glad to know about your research work too.
However please let me know a little more about the father-son relationship, you wish to see films on. Like should it be only loving relationship or bitter too....... as then I will be able to refer some clearly.


Karsh Jhaveri   
submitted on 04 December 2013
Hello, Sir...
Yes, the relationship between father and son is a loving one. However, it is just an aspect of the story. But I would like to watch more on this subject so I can frame the story better. Could you please suggest some movies which have a loving father-son relationship? I have watched the Czech short film Most too... So is there more you can suggest?
Thank you,
submitted on 11 December 2013

Hi Karsh Jhaveri,
Just came back after a short trip out of town and would reply you back in only a few hours.

Karsh Jhaveri   
submitted on 09 December 2013
Hello Sir!
Still waiting for a reply :)
submitted on 11 December 2013

Hi Karsh,
First of all, sorry for this late reply as I couldn't post it earlier due to other engagements.
Anyway as Avik has also suggested some names in his comment, here are a few more having something unique to say about a father-son relationship in particular.

1. Shakti (Hindi - 1982)
2. The Pursuit of Happyness (English - 2006)
3. The Return (Russian - 2003)
4. Waqt -The Race Against Time (Hindi - 2005)
5. Udaan (Hindi - 2011)
6. The Bicycle Thief (Italian - 1948)
7. Life Is Beautiful (Italian - 1997)
8. In The Name of The Father (English - 1993)

Hoping that the above would give you a lot for your thoughts.


submitted on 11 December 2013

@ Karsh

Sorry for poking my nose brother.. Below are few sweet tales of love and bonding I would like you to refer (not literally based on father-son relationship)..

(Bobby sir to approve)

A perfect world
The Kid
The Intouchables (French)
Two brothers
Children of Heaven & Song of sparrows
The White Balloon

Can't recall any more names os of now :(

submitted on 11 December 2013

Thanks Avik for suggesting these movies to Karsh and I would soon add a few more names in a while.

Karsh Jhaveri   
submitted on 12 December 2013
Thank you so much Sir and Avik! Love this blog, such awesome people here!
submitted on 26 December 2013

You are always welcome Karsh Jhaveri and Keep Visiting.

Karsh Jhaveri   
submitted on 12 December 2013
I forgot to mention in the previous comment about the Japanese movie "Like Father, Like Son" (2013).
Has anyone seen it? Know where I can get my hands on it?
submitted on 26 December 2013

Hi Karsh,
Though I havent seen this film but is surely sounds interesting and there are a couple of English movies too with the same name, made before the 90s.
But If its DVD is not available then it might be found in the online file sharing sources in all probabilities. 


submitted on 17 January 2014

Bobby Sirji,
You are doing a great job in reviewing films and recommending. I would like to make you notice a malayalam movie which has recently created a wave in malayalam film industry - Drishyam <>.
The movie is said to be inspired from a Japanese Movie - Suspect X <

I would suggest this movie to you and have a review on it.


submitted on 23 January 2014

Thanks a lot Dheeraj for you appreciation and recommendation.
Since I love watching investigative thrillers so after getting your message I did watch SUSPECT X and really enjoyed it well.

However after watching it I did read about Drishyam too and it surely is a very intelligently adapted / inspired film from the Japanese original. But they havent copied it all especially its psychological mind game revealed in the end as it seems.

In fact SUSPECT X has been recently remade in Korea too in the year 2012 as I am told.
Anyway I will soon write about it at the site and thanks a lot once again for your valuable suggestion.

Keep writing in with your comments and more recommendations.

gurpreet singh   edskool.com
submitted on 29 March 2014

ssa bobby, m gurpret singh namdhari from jaipur. i m looking for the name of the serial came along with LUCY, where there were 2 nigro brothers that make you laught like anything... pls suggest.


submitted on 31 March 2014

Hi Gurpreet,
I am not sure but it probably was "DIFFERENT STROKES" about two brothers of different age group. One a teenaer and other probably 9-10 years of age.


submitted on 31 March 2014

Hello Sir,

Hope u r doing gd :) Read your thoughts on "Aakhon Dekhi".. Loved it. Sometime going through some of ur writings left an effect of deja vu.. I am not good in words so let's not waste any more time here..

Watched "Three burials of Melquides Estrada" by Tommy Lee Jones this Sat night and still can't get myself out of the inner me who I believe is long lost.. Being at office in monday noon is proving out to be a hard business :(

I would like you to watch this one (written by the one who wrote "21 Grams"), if you haven't yet just because I want to read ur thoughts post ur viewing..

Thanks again :)

submitted on 31 March 2014

Hi Avik,
Thanks for writing in and glad to know that you loved Akhon Dekhi review a lot.
I will soon try to catch up "Three burials of Melquides Estrada" and get back here.

However do share more about the feeling of DEJA VU and if willing you can mail me about the same at bobbysing@gmail.com if you wish.


Karsh Jhaveri   
submitted on 15 April 2014
Hello, Sir.
Are there any more movies like A Separation? Of the same genre. A mix of family drama, thriller and extremely realistic depiction of life as it is? I have already completed the filmography of Asghar Farhadi (I would reccomend you to watch About Elly.)
Are there any more of such films?
Thank you,
submitted on 23 April 2014

Hi Karsh,
Iranian Cinema is known for such movies with intense emotional yet realistic content, particularly the ones from Majid Majidi and more. Try his movies and you will not be disappointed for sure.

submitted on 05 May 2014
I saw this episode on DD samewhere around 2001-2004.
It was an old show from 90s.
but now i dont remember the serial name.

It shows story about ramcharan(i am not sure if its correct) a servant who works for a lawyer.
the lawyers young boy falls into a waterfall and ramcharan is blamed.
At the same time a boy born to ramcharans wife.
ramcharan raises him as his masters son.

submitted on 15 May 2014

Dear Evan,
Probably this was a part of one of those serials presenting different stories of renowned writers like DARPAN, KATHA SAGAR and more.
However it would be better if you can post the same comment under the DOORDARSHAN post where more friends can see it and reply as per the info with them.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

Rajnish P   
submitted on 20 June 2014
Dear Bobby,

I spent nearly 45 mins writing an article on Muzaffar Ali's gem "Gaman" as it was missing from your 'Movies to see before you die' list and guess what, as soon as I entered verification code to submit it, it was incorrect code and I lost all my work.

Quite sad.

Anyways, I just finished watching this movie and I strongly believe even if it is not worthy for your list, please write an article on this sincere attempt of debutant director who delivered classic 'Umrao Jaan' three years after.
submitted on 21 June 2014

Dear Rajnish,
I am really sorry to read about your lost article and thats the price we sometimes have to pay for these technical glitches.
But moving ahead I would request you to write it again in a short form on a word file and then share it too with me as a comment/ mail or at FB cause I will love to read it really.
Regarding the film GAMAN, It is in fact one of those few films in my pending list to write on and I will try to do it soon in the coming days for sure.
Till then Keep Visiting and Writing in,

Rajnish P   
submitted on 29 June 2014
Dear Bobby,

Sorry, I couldn't reply any earlier. Due to work and family, I don't get to check this website on regular basis.

I would love to write few lines again on "Gaman" but just can't do it at this very minute. It was my day off, the last I visited this blog.

But I will definitely share my views soon.
submitted on 04 July 2014

Would be waiting eagerly.

prakash bhatia   
submitted on 25 July 2014

Hi Bobbyji,
Just gone through your list of Must see movies 'Historical category' and was quite impressed by your selection.I personally feel that one film titled 'Oliver Cromwell' starring Richard Harris as Cromwell and Sir Alec Guinness as King Charles II needs a mention in historical category.Infact I do not remember director's name.

submitted on 28 July 2014

Thanks Prakash Ji for appreciating the choice of movies in this particular category and I will soon try to catch your recommended movie and get back.


submitted on 17 November 2014

I've been following your reviews since your Wordpress blog.

I know that you are die hard fan of movies. I just found big bunch of movie posters (from b/w movies to bollywood) being sold online, I though it's something you might be interested in - Link

submitted on 26 November 2014

Many thanks for being there as a friendly reader Mihir since that long and I hope I am able to give you much better write-ups with the site's growth in these gone years.

Also thanks for your link sent as some of them are really interesting. But the others are not original memrobilias but digital printouts of the scanned images I suppose like the lobby cards. In fact there is whole market of such original posters in Delhi and Mumbai in particular where you can get them as it is in the original format too.

Keep Visiting and Writing in and join me at FB book too if possible......Cheers!


submitted on 10 April 2016
Hi Bobby Ji,

I love your website especially "Must See Movies" section. By any chance is there any option where I can find only Hindi or English movies instead of mixed results?

How can I receive emails (preferred medium) from your website or subscribe? In one of your reply you mentioned that there is subscribe link on the right side of website but I could not find. I understand that the reply was given in 2009 and your website may have changed a lot since then.
submitted on 11 May 2016
Hi Bobby,
I recently watched a Punjabi movie 'Judge Singh L.L.B' which i found worth mentioning to you. Although the film is a bit raw in some parts of direction still it is a recommended fare from my end. If you get a chance, do watch it soon.

P.S. B.N. Sharma's role of the protagonists father is an incredible one.
submitted on 11 May 2016

Hi Gobind,
Thanks for visiting and writing in.
However in case you are not a regular visitor of the site, here is the review of the film at the following link:



Ashok M V   
submitted on 24 October 2016

Dear Bobby,

I would like you to see two newly released Mohanlal movies in Malayalam - back to back record breakers in 2 months.

Oppam: as a blind man falsely accused of murder

Pulimurugan: Wild hunter protecting village from man eating tiger


submitted on 05 November 2016

Dear Ashok MV,
Thanks a lot for your recommendations.
I excitingly did go to watch Oppam more than a month back, but they were not running it with English subtitles in Delhi.

Unfortunately South films are not always shown with English subtitles here whereas Marathi films are always there with the English subtitles in Delhi's multiplexes. .
Anyway I will still try to watch both as soon as possible.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.


submitted on 19 January 2017
Hi Bobby,

I would like to read your review of the very recent
English Movie titled "Lion" it has Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara etc
and it is directed by Garth Davis.

The movie has been adapted from the true story, "A Long Way Home" writer Saroo Brierley..

Thank you

submitted on 05 February 2017

Hi Anwar,
Thanks for the recommendation.
I will soon try to catch it and get back.

Rahul Agarwal   
submitted on 11 March 2017

For years, am a big fan of your posts.

Today I watched such a heart touching movie "UMRIKA".

After watching I first opened the site, and tried finding your take on the movie. In case you haven't seen the movie, please give it a shot. Believe me you will be glued from start to end.

Happy Holi !!!

submitted on 09 April 2017

Dear Rahul,
First of all Sorry for the late reply and secondly thanks a lot for your kind love and support for my honest works.
Unfortunately UMRIKA got released here in only one cinema in NCR and that too had the unconfirmed show so I couldn't see it.

But I will try to catch it soon and write about it too.
So keep visiting and writing in.


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