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November 23, 2014 Sunday     

Chaar Sahibzaadey

Beginning on a personal note, I am not into praising any kind of religious act/creation which tries to prove its supremacy over the others sects with a forceful one sided mindset. And therefore do not support any such projects made with a hidden agenda of proving a particular religion superior than the others or with a motive of spreading a specific cult by over-praising it deliberately with a confronting attitude.
So that is the reason I didn’t write about many recent Punjabi (religiously inclined) films conceived with the same outlook. But as a pleasant, surprising exception would certainly like to praise this well conceived, well written and finely balanced depiction of one of the most tragic events of Indian history titled CHAAR SAHIBZAADEY, which neither goes over the top while representing a particular cult nor disrespects the other religions despite the huge clashes between them witnessed by the history in those specific centuries.
Getting over its minor & ignorable shortcomings first, yes its an animation film (which a larger section of viewers doesn’t opt for), but it never makes you feel so after few initial moments once its lead characters get established on the screen conveying the basic storyline. An otherwise fine attempt in getting the animated figures right, it does give you a feeling of something missing in the graphical execution (particularly looking at the clothes), but overall successfully delivers the message in a much better way than any of the earlier attempts made undoubtedly. The music is used well in its specific sequences along with some superbly written meaningful lyrics, but honestly I really wished there was a great heart touching composition too expressing the sensitive verses in its soundtrack making it more memorable. Plus released in both 2D & 3D format, the latter has nothing much in it as per 3D effects and hence its recommended to watch it in 2D only to get a more brighter vision without any forced discomfort of wearing the dark glasses.
Talking about the emotional quotient, it doesn’t move into any sad mode ever and therefore remains a straight forward and fast paced historical account of a rare sacrifice by four young souls bravely contributing in their father’s fight for justice. And due to this specific factor where at one end it will certainly reach the hearts of Sikhs in a much bigger way, there on the other will more importantly enlighten everyone else about what exactly happened with the four brave kids of Guru Gobind Singh and his entire family in those few intense months fighting with the Mughals.
In short, as an animation film made on a ‘must know’ chapter of our history, CHAAR SAHBIZAADEY is a fine attempt, executed well on the screen with a clear vision by its makers (as also conveyed in its insightful end). But here I would like to praise and highly rate the effort for some different reasons which you might not find in any other write-up on the film and which actually also happens to be an excerpt from my ongoing book on SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB, the sacred divine scripture that actually belongs to whole humanity altogether and not only the Sikhs.
A. Beginning with the film’s most important merit, CHAAR SAHIBZAADEY is a perfectly balanced venture, which in fact is a quite unusual or rare feature in today’s time, when every (religious) medium of expression is being mostly used to spread hatred and division among various sects…..unfortunately.
B. It tells the world very clearly that SIKHISHM or any of the 10 Gurus of Sikhs were never against any other religion prevailing in the country particularly ISLAM. There was no revolt made by the Gurus against ISLAM ever, since their fight was all against Injustice of the Mughal rulers of those times treating the people cruelly forcing them to get converted. And the term ‘People’ here means everyone living in that region irrespective of their followed ‘ism’. In addition, it brilliantly portrays the disagreement amongst the Muslim section too opposing this inhuman way of killing two innocent souls by the then barbaric rulers.
C. The film also strongly points out with its well written script, that there was never any conflict of Sikh Gurus even with the larger population of Hindus, giving the right picture. So if there was a Gangu who betrayed the family unexpectedly passing the information to the officials, then there was a Moti & his wife too who sacrificed their everything (including their lives later) for secretly serving milk to the two kids and their grandmother living in the Mughal custody.
D. Another great achievement of its superbly written script and dialogues is that the writing never tends to make it anything related to HATRED or REVENGE ever. The film begins with the four sons and remains focused at them only without going into any other unwanted direction of becoming preachy or attacking (the other sects) at all. Such is the focus mentioned above that they even present Guru Gobind Singh more as a courageous father than the last living Guru of Sikhs sacrificing his complete family for the cause. And that’s indeed a great feat deserving a big appreciation since mostly the makers are not able to find such a balance in their films, when talking about any religion or a religious historical chapter in specific.
E. In Sikhism code of conduct, its not allowed to portray the Gurus by enacting their roles ‘Live’ by any artists or showing them in moving animations. The film takes an extra care of that and very intelligently shows the tenth Guru of Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh in just still images incorporated excellently. In fact the pictures do not look like simple stills to the viewer due to the innovative camera angles used and even the dialogues of the Guru Sahib are rendered in third person by a voiceover. Particularly watch out for the sequence when The Guru is looking at all his men and four kids sleeping around him in the night before the big battle. Brilliant indeed!
F. Enlightening the viewer about the difference between a TALWAAR (Sword) used in the battle and a KIRPAAN kept by a baptized Sikh, the film thankfully teaches the crucial lesson clearing all misconceptions that,
A TALWAAR is used to defeat the other, to throw him down, to prove your supremacy over the opponent. That is the reason it is called TAL (Bottom) + WAAR (Blow/Strike), meaning a strong blow made to bring down the other.
A KIRPAAN means a weapon particularly kept for two purposes, one as The ALMIGHTY’s blessing for humanely saving the other who needs help or for raising a voice against injustice and two for safeguarding one’s own self-respect or dignity, which actually defines the word as KIRPAA (Blessed Kindness) + AAN (Self Respect/Dignity).
G. Addressing the kids below 15, CHAAR SAHIBZAADEY tells them that superheroes are not just the ones having some kind of powers to fly, jump or do few magical acts. Superpower can also be in your skills and attitude towards life too as displayed by the four young warriors standing tall against their strong opponents so fearlessly.
H. Lastly, never in its more than two hours of duration, one feels that the film has been made to spread Sikhism or to rope in more followers all over the world with some deliberate insertions. It neither talks about any sacred baptism nor about any biased provocation to join in. No, the director and his writers are simply not interested in that, breaking the set norms. Instead they are just willing to educate and remind the world about this lesser known chapter of Indian history and the unheard of sacrifices made in the fight against the merciless rulers of that era.
And please note that I have not written Sikh history but Indian history here because its utterly wrong to consider and write about this as something only related to Sikhs and their history alone.
In clear words, all the sacrifices made and battles fought by Guru Gobind Singh along with his Khalsa army and four young sons,
were not against any religion,
were not against any person in specific,
were not planned as an attack to acquire more power or for any expansion of their ruling territories,
were not fought to spread Sikhism and increase its followers,
were not to save Sikhs alone from the unkind Mughals,
were for the pride and self-respect of the entire population of that region in INDIA including every single Indian irrespective of his followed cult or religion.
Hence as per my opinion CHAAR SAHIBZAADEY is not a film talking about Sikh history specifically but Indian history to say the truth, that needs to be seen by every Indian who really wishes to understand his or her country’s untold history with a better vision. It’s an extremely well written and perfectly balanced project which inspires the viewers to know more about the characters on the screen searching further………and thats exactly what a good historical film should do spreading the right kind of awareness in the general public.
Rating : 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 for the perfect unbiased balance in its writing without any hatred, hidden agenda or revenge angle incorporated ………... following a clear, blessed vision)

(Note : Unfortunately I found a group selling few products related to the film like children swords, USB drives, display products, magnet stickers and more in association with SNAP DEAL at a stall inside the WAVE CINEMAS of West Delhi………which in my opinion was really an ‘awful’ move and should have been avoided.)
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15 November 2014 / bobbysing /
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Disappointed hugely with this latest offering from director Shaad Ali (of SAATHIYA & BUNTY AND BABLI fame), made with such a lame attitude and casual writing, it gives me no energy to review it in details. So here is a brief account of what they showed us in their promos and what the film had in its 2 hours of duration offering simply nothing of that sort, ridiculing the audience yet again.
Keeping a title inspired from Quentin Tarantino’s cult classic KILL BILL, if you think they tried to follow anything related to that film in execution, storytelling or else, then forget about it completely since the film is not even interested in that.
Looking at the exciting promos, if you are expecting a great time with the trio and a lovely lady enacting on a fresh script from the team, then you are gravely mistaken as YRF Studios have just rehashed their mediocre GUNDAY, converting it into a lousy love story presenting it as a new release, considering the audience as a bunch of dumb minds sitting in the theaters once again.
Considering its unusual cast ensemble if one thinks Govinda is there to make a strong comeback then he or she is going to be hugely disheartened as despite making an honest effort, the veteran remains wasted due to the film’s inane writing giving him a confused character, who enters the screen without any great build up and then suddenly starts singing & dancing like a professional performer ruining his own persona of a Don. Moreover, after a fine initial 30 minutes with Ranveer, he becomes stereotyped and takes away the major portion of the film ignoring the others. Ali Zafar tries hard but seems to be misfit in the venture right from the word go. And Parineeti has nothing new to do in the film, so fails to impress with a completely seen before portrayal on the screen making no impact whatsoever.
The film begins with a flashback exactly like GUNDAY, makes some impression in its first few sequences and then becomes so tedious to watch that I would like to rate it as one of those poor films that make your 2 hours in theater like a whole day spent there in the dark taking several small naps. Delhi is taken as the backdrop just blindly following the current trend and the dialogues even tend to become vulgar as the film progresses. The likable music loses all its charm due to its bad timings and average compositions. Plus the technical department fails to rise above the routine despite the background score drawing your attention in its opening.
In short, I found only two things worth mentioning in KILL DIL.
One the lyrics by maestro Gulzar and his mesmerizing voice-over used in few timely sequences. And two the innovative way of beginning the song Sweeta, with a radio commentary by Ranveer giving all the credits.
But apart from these two insertions, KILL DIL simply deserves to be ignored and Shaad Ali really misses the train making such a terrible film, wasting a huge opportunity in hands. How could you do it Shaad……especially with Govinda? and……..
What are you doing Aditya with the Yash Raj Banner churning out such trashes?
Rating : 1 / 5 (Just for the name of GULZAR in its credits)
Tags : Kill Dil Review by Bobby Sing, Kill Dil Film Review By Bobby Sing, New Bollywood Movies Released, New Hindi Films Reviews, New Hindi Movies Reviews, New Hindi Movies Released, New Bollywood Reviews, Bobby Talks Cinema Review, Reviews By Bobby Sing, New Hindi Films Reviews at bobbytalkscinema.com
14 November 2014 / bobbysing /
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Talking about the so called remake status of THE SHAUKEENS first, its actually not a remake of any original Hindi project, since even Basu Chatterjee made his 1982 classic SHAUKEEN taking all clear inspirations from an English film titled BOYS NIGHT OUT released in 1962. In addition it also cannot be called as a true remake as the latest version follows a much bold path both in visual and verbal terms. Plus it also adds another fresh plot interfering into the script hampering its original enjoyable spirit to a large extent.
Honestly I was pretty excited to watch THE SHAUKEENS due to its three veterans and the exclusive feature that its story-screenplay-dialogues were written by one of my favourite writer-actor-director Tigmanshu Dhulia. But unfortunately post a fine first hour and a few surprising insertions like a (wasted) cameo of Rati Agnihotri and a song from Anu Malik, the film turned out to be way below expectations, mainly because of the deliberate twists added in its second half. So till intermission it remains a good time pass with a few enjoyable sequences and performances covering up the shortcoming of an overstretched screenplay.
However as the second half begins, the film starts walking on an entirely different (and downward) path, completely hijacked by Akshay Kumar himself, who was actually supposed to be there in a cameo, but probably changed his mind being the co-producer of the film too unexpectedly. Akshay begins well taking potshots on the Industry and its ‘crore clubs’. But then starts taking too much space on the screen ignoring the three main heroes of the film quite strangely. Perhaps the makers forgot that the USP of this particular film happened to be the three middle aged men searching for a girl and not anything else to say it all.
Anyhow due to this big miscalculated move, the film fails to pick up in its later reels, ending on another flat note all of sudden and surprisingly has many vulgar dialogues too which frankly were not expected from both Tigmanshu Dhulia and the director Abishek Sharma who superbly directed an all clean, entertaining comedy movie called TERE BIN LADEN in the past. Also I would like to mention here a particular sequence in the film, wherein before going to Malaysia, Piyush Mishra is shown coming out of Delhi’s OSHO WORLD shop situated at ANSAL PLAZA holding a five CD set of “Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Ore” in his hands. Now its quite evident that many in the country as well as abroad still associate OSHO with the word SEX showing their uneducated and underdeveloped state of mind quite clearly. But why Tigmanshu and Abishek added this specific scene into the film is really doubtful and it strongly makes me think that,
“Did the two talented film-makers intend to make fun of those unaware section of people who still ignorantly associate the mystic master OSHO with SEX or they both themselves are a part of those silly mindsets still playing with the same ridiculous ideas about OSHO even in 2014?”
I will definitely try to find the answer to this question if I happen to meet them ever in the future but anyway returning back to the film,  its soundtrack offers a mixed bag with two catchy and two awfully rotten numbers like “Ishq Kutta” and “Alcoholic”…………what kind of songs were these really, I failed to understand. Placed in New Delhi and Mauritius, its cinematography doesn’t offer anything great and the same can be said about its background score and editing too which actually makes the film a bit lazy and stretched unnecessarily at regular intervals.
So what’s there in the film that it can be watched once?
- It’s the cute acts of three fantastic actors Anupam Kher, Annu Kapoor and Piyush Mishra playing the three sex-starved men looking for girls. Anupam plays it subtly but brilliantly (once again) along with Piyush expressing it wildly (he is a delight to watch). But the lead here is taken by Anu Kapoor enacting the bachelor Casanova with a bindaas touch, being their ‘all knowing’ leader of the expedition And the three put up a great show for the viewers in their scenes together. Lisa Haydon is just fine lacking that sensuality even in her almost none clothes and Cyrus Broacha is good but doesn’t get much to do in his limited scenes post interval.
Concluding the write up, yes you can watch THE SHAUKEENS once for the three veterans, but I personally wished to see them much more in the film than presented. In other words, I was there to watch these three exceptionally talented actors in the film from the first frame to the last and not any big actor-producer coming in to take all the limelight, ruining it all. And I really wish THE SHAUKEENS was made focusing on the three Shaukeens only and not anything else just for the sake of it.
Hence give it a try if you wish but in case you havent seen the earlier Basu Chatterjee’s highly inspired but classic version of 1982 then go for it as a must and have a great time with Ashok Kumar, A. K. Hangal and Utpal Dutt playing the dirty trio.
Rating : 2 / 5
Tags : THE SHAUKEENS Review By Bobby Sing, THE SHAUKEENS Film Review, SHAUKEENS Review, New Bollywood Movies Released, New Hindi Films Reviews, New Hindi Movies Reviews, New Hindi Movies Released, New Bollywood Reviews, Bobby Talks Cinema Review, Reviews By Bobby Sing, New Hindi Films Reviews at bobbytalkscinema.com
08 November 2014 / bobbysing /
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