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May 25, 2017 Thursday     
Without going into any introductory lines, I would straight come to the point giving you the shocking news that if you also had a strong opinion (like myself) that there ought to be something out of the box or path breaking whenever the thinking actor ABHAY DEOL goes for producing a film, then unfortunately we were all quite wrong. Because here is a film co-produced by Abhay in which he does try to go out of the box, but in the attempt, mistakenly kicks the ball so hard that it goes out of the stadium instead of the box, never to be found again.
In fact the above statement is the best way to express the experience of watching ONE BY TWO frankly, as in this too the viewer desperately keeps waiting for the story to begin in its entire 135 minutes, just like waiting for the ball to be brought back into the stadium. But the director is simply not interested in beginning her tale even till 125 minutes into the film and then decides to end exactly at the point where the story actually begins. So that should say it all if you really wish to know about the film’s basic story progression. However for the fans, who are still eager to know more about this unexplainable, pale, boring & hard to watch film (featuring the thinking actor), then here are my one liner conclusions formed after painfully going through this badly made film, as mentioned below:

“It feels really great and intellectual watching the maestro WOODY ALLEN’s films, but one shouldn’t dare to try that ever…… if he or she doesn’t have that deep understanding of life, vision, clarity & a dialogue writer by the side having a similar, gifted intellect.”
“ONE BY TWO is probably the only Hindi Film in which the lead pair doesn’t meet each other ever, till the last scene in the climax & yet its supposed to be a love story with all those interesting love songs.”
“When there are so many reality shows thrown at our faces every evening through the numerous channels, do the film-makers still think that the viewers would be interested in watching another one on the big screen spending both their time and money?”
“Many a times, films are made just to establish a particular person and ONE BY TWO has clearly been made to establish PREET DESAI in the industry, since the film completely focuses on her, ignoring everyone else including the hero Abhay Deol. The girl looks pretty but gets totally betrayed by a poorly chosen script and her own foreign accent.”
“ONE BY TWO is a film which repeatedly uses ‘Toilet Humour’ in its badly written dialogues in the most disgusting manner.”
“It is undoubtedly the weakest, silliest and the most pathetic script Abhay Deol has ever featured in and the same can be said about his uncaring act in the film too.”
 “If you wish to watch a veteran like Rati Agnihotri hamming in the role of a mother then do watch ONE BY TWO”
“One of the songs of film goes with the lyrics, “I am just Pakaaoed……!” and that’s precisely what one feels several times, while watching the film in the theater.”
Summing up, there is indeed one out of the box, yet interesting feature of the film to be found in its fine SOUNDTRACK, which though remains completely wasted in the film, but still has many good tracks in it written thoughtfully. The best track of the album remains “Khuda Na Khaasta” sung by Arijit Singh, followed by “Khushfehmiyan” by Shankar Mahadevan, “Baat Kya Hai” by Clinten Cerejo, “Shehar Mera” by Thomson Andrews and “Kaboom” by Anushka Manchanda.
However listening to the tracks once again online, I really wish they were used in a different film with a decent amount of sanity in its script giving them proper justice. And yes, Abhay Deol was perfectly right if he was very much concerned about the music not reaching the audience in time, since the tracks do have a lot to say both in terms of rendition as well as the lyrics, moving ahead than many other OST’s, honestly.
Anyway, as a film ONE BY TWO turns out to be the first highly disappointing film delivered by one of the most reliable and dependable actors of Hindi cinema i.e. Abhay Deol. And the actor shouldn’t have really opted for such a useless script at all.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 (and the complete 1.5 rating is strictly for its fine Soundtrack only.)
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31 January 2014 / bobbysing /
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Kitaab - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Poet, lyricist, writer & director GULZAR is known for many worth watching gems in his grand and illustrious career of more than five decades (and that’s more than half a century). But among his entire repertoire of many unique, powerful and significant films, KITAAB still stands tall as one of its own kind of film made in Hindi Cinema which has no close parallel to be named till date. In fact this is an entirely different film from the master film-maker talking about a 12 years old child or his world around. And Gulzar has made this film with such a remarkable vision that it seems that he somehow managed to get into the mind of a kid and then came out with so realistic, truthful and innocent interpretations of the world seen through his fresh & pure eyes.
Revolving around a lonely, thinking child Babla, who loves reading, writing and questioning about various subjects seen around, the film can easily be rated as the most innovative, emotional and thought provoking journey into a child’s psyche which not only entertains you well but also makes you realize the mistakes we all grownups make while dealing with the innocent kids in the age group of 8-12. The director beautifully follows his perfect vision with a distinctive style going back and forth into the days lived by Babla and very effectively showcases the confusions felt by him at every next step dealing with the old around.
The narration brilliantly captures every tiny observation made by him in his 2 days journey back to the village (after he runs away from the city) and then subtly indicates the growth experienced by the kid in these 2 days spent with the real outer world. The film not only displays the darker side of our questionable social standards but also exceptionally deals with the fantasies, misunderstandings, truthful depictions and confusions faced by every child of that age, in an unbelievably authentic manner.
To express it honestly, we all tend to fondly remember our childhood days with great love & affection, probably as the best part of our life till date. But in reality, when we were a child, we also did have our own small set of problems, pains & sorrows which we easily forget after becoming an adult, entering the real world. And perhaps that is the reason we are not able to understand the complex, curious or puzzled mindset of a child looking for his answers, which in turn develops a wide gap between an adult and his child unintentionally.
Gulzar’s KITAAB exactly deals with this basic gap between the two age groups and then insightfully explores the problematic world of a child, where he is quite amazed by the mean behavior of all the adults around, going beyond his level of understanding. Being a Gulzar-RD Burman film, it has some great songs too like Master Ji Ki Aa Gayi Chitthi (Shivangi & Padmini Kolhapure), Mere Saath Chale Na Saya (Sapan Chakraborty), Hari Din To Beeta Shaam Hui (Raajkumari) and the most famous one, Dhanno Ki Aankhon Mein sung by R. D. Burman himself.
Among the performances, KITAAB has got one of the most complete acts by a child actor in the history of Hindi Cinema, coming from Master Raju (Raju Shrestha) as Babla. And he gets great assistance by all the other kids featuring in the film too including Master Tito, Pankaj, Anees & Lucky. In the adults, Uttam Kumar delivers an admirable & lovable performance as Babla’s Jeeja Ji along with Vidya Sinha, Indrani Mukherjee,Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Keshto Mukherjee, Asit Sen, Dina Pathak & more who all perfectly justify their given characters as required.
In short, Hindi cinema has not made many visionary gems focusing on a child’s world and Child psychology in an entertaining as well as enlightening way as depicted in KITAAB. The film not only makes you laugh in many of its well written sequences but also makes you feel the tears floating on your eyelids, emotionally sympathizing with the kid in its various life teaching moments. Putting it honestly, you probably might not have seen such a sincere, sensitive and introspective take on life in its purest form seen through the eyes of a 12 years old child before. And I am sure after watching it, your whole outlook towards the kids around would change drastically, turning you into a more empathetic and caring individual (or parent), very much concerned about their innocent vision of the world in that tender age.
And in case, anyone thinks that I might be exaggerating in my expression toward this rare, unforgettable yet one of the most ignored well made gems of our Indian Cinema, then just read one of the many pensive dialogues of the film given below, to give you a fair idea…….and then think about it once again!

(While riding the back of an ongoing tonga, Babla’s friend innocently asks him)
“Tune Teri Maa Ka Doodh Piya Hai?”
“Haan Maa To Kehti Hai Ke Piya Hun!” Babla answers.
“Usme Cheeni Hoti Hai????” the friend questions again.
And that’s what I call art, writing, vision and cinema in its purest form.
Lyrics & Directed By Gulzar
Written By Bhushan Banmali, Samaresh Basu, Debabrata Sengupta and Gulzar
Music : R. D. Burman
Starring : Master Raju (Raju Shrestha), Uttam Kumar, Vidya Sinha, Indrani Mukherjee, Dr. Shreeram Lagoo, Keshto Mukherjee, Asit Sen, Dina Pathak and more.
Tags : Kitaab (1977), Movies To See Before You Die Drama Children, Rare Films on Child Psychology, Must See Films List By Bobby Sing, Worth Watching Films List By Bobby Sing, Gulzar life teaching films, Not To Be Missed Films List by Bobby Sing at bobbytalkscinema.com
30 January 2014 / bobbysing /
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In murder mysteries or crime suspense genre, there are two types of formats usually followed. In the first, the main crime or murder event is displayed in the beginning itself but the viewers are not shown the real culprit and the lead characters go out finding the actual killer, taking along the viewers in their investigations. Whereas in the second format, the whole crime scenario is displayed clearly in the beginning, along with the open revelation of how it was done & by whom! And then the emphasis completely shifts on how the real culprit hides himself from the police detectives, only to get caught in the end after some clever chasing. So where in the first format, the viewer is always with the investigators trying to find out the truth behind the crime, there in the second they unintentionally find themselves on the culprit’s side, sarcastically enjoying the way he hides himself from the Police & other private detectives.
No doubt both the formats have their own charm and fan following which works for the lovers of this particular genre. But SUSPECT X is a rare psychological crime drama which though begins on the outline of the second format but then gives you another shocking twist towards the end, revealing that even the audience had a completely wrong notion of how the crime was actually planned by the genius in those initial scenes.
Without disclosing much about the film, I would just like to add that this is an intriguing story of a lonely, master mathematician Mr. Ishigami, who comes forward to help his beautiful neighbor living alone with her young daughter, after a tragic incident. The lady & her daughter accidently murder the ex-husband visiting their house and now Ishigami guides them how to escape from this unintentional murder and mislead the police through his clever tricks. Interestingly the police officials take their help in investigations from another genius physicist, who is an old friend of Ishigami and then begins the clash of wits between both the sharp masterminds knowing each other well.
Continuing with the same settings & cast of famous Japanese TV series GALILEO (2007 & more) the film was actually based on the novel “The Devotion of Suspect X” by Keigo Hiqashino (the third in his “Detective Galileo” Series). And why the novel was strangely titled “The Devotion of Suspect X”, can only be understood after witnessing its shocking climax with a great unexpected twist having an emotional human touch. In short, SUSPECT X is one of those crime movies, which stay in your mind for long after you have finished watching them. And proving its worth further, the film was not only remade in Korea as PERFECT NUMBER in 2012 but its main plot was also recently adapted in a Malayalam film titled DRISHYAM in 2013 featuring Mohan Lal in the lead and the film was a huge box office success in the region.
On a concluding note, SUSPECT X is like a poetic crime planned by a genius mathematician, who reveals the actual secret just through his expressive eyes in the end and yet admits nothing. The film can simply be praised using the following metaphor which says,
"What is more harder….?
To solve a tough mystery……or to create such a mystery which is hard to solve?”
And if the above tricky question seems interesting enough to you, then do watch this classic crime thriller as a must and active your grey cells once again.

Directed by Hiroshi Nishitani
Wrrtten By Yasushi Fukuda (Screenplay) & Keigo Higashino (Serial Storyline “Yogisha X No Kenshin”)
Starring : Masaharu Fukuyama, Ko Shibasaki, Kazuki Kitamura & more.
(Thanks to “Dheeraj” for recommending this film in his valuable comment.)
Tags : Suspect X / Yogisha X No Kenshin (2008), Movies To See Before You Die World Cinema, Suspense-Thriller, Must Watch World Classics List By Bobby Sing, Not To Be Missed Movies List By Bobby Sing, Worth Watching Movie Classics By Bobby Sing.
29 January 2014 / bobbysing /
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H-Sridhar - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Though this article might not interest every reader due to its technical subject mostly related to the process of recording a soundtrack in the studio. But for all friends having a keen ear and an immense love for quality music, I hope this strikes a chord somewhere in your musical hearts like a few beautiful notes and the words remind you of the good old times of the 90s when a new era of digital music was introduced.
The thought of writing this article came to me the day I was handed over the Music CD of latest A.R. Rahman soundtrack composed for Imtiaz Ali's HIGHWAY. Being a Imitaz Ali-A.R. Rahman combination film post their ROCKSTAR, I was eager to go through the musical tracks and found some of them quite interesting too after a long gap from the master composer. But what really surprised me was the mediocre musical arrangement and sound quality of the album, which supposed to be the key merit of every A.R. Rahman soundtrack before 2009. Now undoubtedly the master has delivered many great songs in the recent times too, but honestly the sound, the texture, the feel & the warmth I used to cherish & enjoy in the 90s and in the first decade of 21st century too, was somewhere missing in HIGHWAY and also in most of the soundtracks delivered by Rahman in the last few years.
As a personal observation, I strongly believe that these major factors actually went missing post the sudden demise of another maestro calmly working on all Rahman songs backstage in the studios, popularly known as H. SRIDHAR (Sridhar Hariharan). And this is a name which is proudly included in the list of “The Best Sound Engineers Ever” all over India as well as abroad. The master craftsman sadly left us on 1st December 2008 and he was the man who hugely contributed to the overall impact of almost all A.R. Rahman songs in that particular era and there can be no denial to this fact unarguably.
Recalling those college years in the early 90s, I still remember how Audio Shops used to have only A.R. Rahman cassettes for checking their new and repaired tape recorders or stereo systems due to his exceptional, out of the world sound quality. Those were the times when the music was not heard on small PC speakers or tiny headphones while travelling, but was played on big boxes installed in almost every music lover’s home with a visible pride. And in those years I too used to repeatedly play Rahman’s Tamil cassettes bought from Karol Bagh’s South Indian shops, to have the great listening pleasure on my high end audio systems, with all the like-minded friends sitting around the 2 huge speakers kept on the floor. We all used to have a great time listening to the songs (or rather sound since we couldn’t understand the words) of all South movies namely, ROJA, GENTLEMAN, PUDHIYA MUGAM, KADHALAN, THIRUDA THIRUDA & more. At that time Rahman was not involved in Hindi films much and it was only in the later years, that I came to know about the actual name responsible for all that great sound achievement in his soundtracks, who was none other than Late H. SRIDHAR.
Honestly, I don’t know if many would agree with me or not but personally I have been searching for that same finesse or sound quality heard in films like ROJA, DIL SE, GENTLEMAN, THIRUDA THIRUDA, SAPNAY, BOMBAY, RANGEELA, LAGAAN and much more since last 4-5 years. But perhaps that is the difference, a highly qualified, experienced and visionary Sound Engineer can make to the well composed music of another maestro in terms of an end product to be presented before the listeners.
For friends not well aware of this valuable post, in simple words a Sound Engineer is that important person who actually decides how all the recorded sound, music and voices will be heard by the ultimate listeners through a quite tedious, un-nerving and responsible job of A Final Mixing. In other words, he is the last person to design how each single track in a recorded project would sound on your respective audio systems making that highly important final impact in totality. And remember, in today’s digital world, your whole album can sound many times better in terms of sound quality if mastered by a highly talented and responsible person, knowing (& loving) his job well.
Probably that is the reason why I always find something missing in the well composed tracks & background scores by the world renowned composer A.R. Rahman in the recent years and I am sure the maestro himself would like to agree and admit the invaluable contribution Late H. Sridhar used to make in his recorded tracks, working silently behind the main stage.
Among the works & awards won by Late H. SRIDHAR –
He worked with many renowned directors of Indian Cinema as Mani Ratnam, K Balachandar, Bharathiraaja, Shankar, Kamal Hassan, P. C. Sreeram, Priyadarsan, Sibi Malayil, Ramgopal Varma and more in around 200 movies.
After being the pioneer engineer of Digital Sound for Indian films in the DTS format, Sridhar also introduced six-track surround sound mixing in Indian Cinema.
He was awarded with Four National Awards for Best Audiography for Mahanadi in 1994, Dil Se in 1999, Lagaan in 2002 and Kannathil Muththamittal in 2003.
Late H. Sridhar also contributed in international artist’s albums such as George Harrison, Late Pt. Ravi Shankar, Zakir Hussain, L. Shankar and John McLaughlin.
In 2010 he was awarded (on sharing basis) the Grammy Award for Best Compilation Album for a Motion Picture – SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (Song- Jai Ho).
(However I personally feel that the team had earlier done much better works worthy of such reputed awards than Jai Ho or SM!!!!)
Concluding the write-up, I frankly feel as if A.R. Rahman-Sridhar was a blessed combo exactly like R.D. Burman & Gulzar, who also complemented each other like two God sent musical identities completing the other. And as Gulzar has found RDB in the present age Vishal Bhardwaj, I hope A.R.Rahman also finds a Sridhar soon among his present associates to give us that soothing, compelling and stunningly mesmerizing sound once again.
With all my respect to the master of his art, Late H. Sridhar.
(Note : All interested friends, can hear a rare and exclusive interview of the master H. Sridhar at the following link taken by London based journalist, Ashanti Omkar.)
Tags : Missing Late H. SRIDHAR, The major strength behind A.R. Rahman Exclusive Sound Quality, Articles on Music, Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing, A.R. Rahman-Sridhar
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