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May 25, 2017 Thursday     
movies to see before you die
This section of BTC includes a collection of exclusive information on “Movies Simply Not To Be Missed” from all over the world. Its about movies which inspire us, make us laugh, cry, dance and teach us how to live life in a more better way. The movies which need to be cherished and shared with each other or to be seen as a must before we all die.
I strongly believe in the medium of cinema and the power it has to express life and I hope my short notes here are cherished by enthusiastic movie lovers all over the globe looking for some worth watching movies to see each weekend.
Regarding the films listed here, I would like to mention that these are the movies, which I loved watching and enjoyed for a specific reason. The list not only has classy and art films, but it also includes entertaining dramas, action thrillers, romantic and comedy movies in a random order not following any specific sequence. But here I would like to add that I usually don’t add movies which solely rely on the technology used or their technical excellence achieved. A movie has to rise much above its production value giving us more to relish in order to be a part of this selective list. So its possible that you may not find many Box Office Hits here for the above mentioned reason.
But to keep the section alive and fresh, I regularly add more movies to the list, which should give you a valid reason to visit the site again to check out the new additions.
Honestly, its not possible that I might have the info about each and every “not to be missed” movie made in all parts of the world. Therefore I request all the friendly readers to share their knowledge about any such precious movie and send me the suggestions for more films which I may not be aware of, from any language or region in the entire globe. No doubt this will surely help in making a better version of this list in the coming months with our collective efforts.
So waiting to get a word from all cinema lovers here!
with warm wishes & HIS BLESSINGS,
Bobby Sing


10 March 2009 / bobbysing /
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81 Responses to “ movies to see before you die”
gaurav malik   
submitted on 20 February 2010

sir, do you have any news of my name is khan?

submitted on 19 February 2010

Sorry, Gaurav I couldnt get your point. 

sarad verma   
submitted on 20 February 2010
I love bobby talk.
Thanks bobby
submitted on 19 February 2010

Thanks Sarad, for your kind and encouraging comment.
And keep logging...........Cheers! 

rakshit joshi   
submitted on 15 May 2010

sir,your reviews becomes guideline for d ppl who are eager about world cinema
keep it up

submitted on 15 May 2010

Thanks Rakshit, I will sure try my best to keep the standards up.


submitted on 15 May 2010

Sir I would like to know yor reviews for d movie SERAPHIM FALLS 
a good movie indeed, main attraction was its scripts and dialogues.

submitted on 15 May 2010

Hi Rakshit,
Though I am not keen on waching Westerns, but still I will watch this soon and get back to you.
Till then keep visiting and write in more often......Cheers!

Sanchit Goyal   
submitted on 04 June 2010

I visited this website earlier and found it very useful for reference. I had also written a mail to you requesting to add the option to let the readers subscribe to the feeds. I can understand if you dont want to do that because of any reason you may have but I was surprised to not even receive a reply on that. I thought of posting it again here thinking maybe you didnt get the email somehow though I dont know whether it was ignored or something. Anyways nice website. Cheerz.

submitted on 04 June 2010

Hi Sanchit,

First of all, sorry if you didnt receive my reply on your mail sent. Actually I had acted on your mail as soon as I read it but currently the RSS feed thing is still in process.
Since there are more than 600 posts in the site, so its taking much time but I think we can atleast start by using the Recent Feeds first.
Anyway I am working on it and you will soon see it at the site positively.

Thanks for your kind appreciation and please keep visiting....Cheers!

Sanchit Goyal   www.vu-point.blogspot.com
submitted on 06 June 2010

Glad to know that it is in the pipeline. Hope to see it soon :)

Amit Rums   
submitted on 09 September 2010
Hi Bobbysing,
I am very much delighted by ur work, ur website. Thanks 4 the knowledge u r sharing. I am a huge mystery fan(especially which involves private eye such as Holmes). I want 2 know about best mystery films in history, although I referred IMDB, But want 2 know ur list of movies. I didn't find mystery titles in this section (movs2cb4udie) except Hitcock n Bond movies (suspense thrillers). If u cud enlight me to movies such as,

1.House of fear 1945
2.Big sleep 1946
3.Sherlock holmes and saucy jack 1979
4.Young Sherlock Holmes 1985
5.Hound of the baskervilles 1988
6.Sherlock holmes and case of silk stocking 2004
7.Nancy drew 2007
8.Sherlock holmes 2009

Amit Rums.

submitted on 10 September 2010

Hi Amit Rums,
Thanks for your appreciation dear. Regarding your mystery movies list, do chek out my "Thrillers" sections too as it also has few Mystery movies such as "Topkapi".

For the rest I would like to suggest the following :

1. Firstly there are two characters of Agatha Christie named, Hercule Poirot and Mis Marple other than many famous novels of the legandary writer.
Do watch all the T.V serials and movies made on these two characters.

2. Secondly also watch movies made on Agathe Chritie's novels such as "Gumnaam" in Hindi.

3. Thirdly I hope you have read or watched "Byomkesh Bakshi" and Serials or Films made on this famous Bengali detective.

4. Lastly and more importantly do read all and watch the few movies made on "Feluda" another famous Bengali detective character created by Satyajit Ray himself.

I hope the above info will be enough for your next few months.

Do let me know how you liked them and Keep writing.....Cheers!

submitted on 21 June 2011

Its My Review---
BHINDI BAAZAAR INC.. Apart from Kay Kay Menon in a cameo, the film boasts of no big stars, but manages to score high on the entertainment quotient.
It might be director Ankush Bhatts debut film, but he certainly knows how to do his job. The style of narration using chess is unique and makes for a compelling watch. The characters are excellently related on the chess board. Also, the sub-plots of all the characters are culminated with precision.
Ram Shreyas Raos cinematography captures the by lanes of Mumbai effectively. Sandeep-Surya's music is quite interesting and remarkable..
A riveting thriller backed by superlative performances make this BHINDI BAAZAAR certainly worth shopping and watching.

submitted on 25 June 2011

Thanks Raashi for your own Review...and I was happy to read it.

Keep Visiting


tom cherian   
submitted on 10 July 2011
itz suprb supporting site 4 movie lovers like me bobby u doing a very gr8 job..............................
submitted on 10 July 2011

Thanks Tom.....Cheers and Keep Visiting!



Navnit Asthana   bobbytalkscinema.com
submitted on 30 August 2011

Dear Bobby,
In my opinion this is the worlds best website for the person who loves cinema !!

Here I would like to get your reviews about some of the fantastic movies which really touched my heart :

1. Ek Duje ke Liye
2. Zara si Zindagi
3. Ek Nayi Paheli
4. Koshish
5. Trishul
6. Satyakaam


submitted on 09 September 2011

Thanks a lot Navnit for your kind appreciation for my work here and really glad that you rate the site that high recommeding it to all movie lovers.

Regarding the films your mentioned, I would like to inform that 3 of these movies are already there in my list of "Movies to See Before You Die" and they are :

The rest three, I would surely love to discuss further if you want.
But just let me know any one first, as that will be more easier and precise.

Thanks once again and Cheers!

Navnit Asthana   
submitted on 09 September 2011
Dear Bobby,
I was very young when I first saw the movie " Zara si Zindagi"..

It was about 4 friends.. A must watch movie for the fans of Kamal Haasan Sir !

Just watch it and give your valuable comments..

submitted on 20 September 2011

Would sure watch it again Navnit.
However do send me a link of watching it online if you got any too.

submitted on 24 September 2011
Any reviews on "YAARA O DILDARA"
submitted on 04 October 2011

Sorry Pavi,
I am not keep on reviewing Punjabi movies which are mostly nowadays movies with singer turned actors in it.
The only Punjabi movie reviewed in the site remains "Dharti" which was done due to many requests and some know people engaged in its making.

Still thanks for your visit and comment.
Keep Visiting.

Navnit Asthana   
submitted on 25 September 2011
Dear Bobby,
I got the CD of Zara SI Zindagi from Moser Baer.

I really do not find it Online..

submitted on 04 October 2011

Hi Navnit,
I have finally got the Cd and now would let you know my views about it soon after seeing it.

submitted on 06 October 2011

Thank you...thank you...thank you....you have opened a new vision of world cinema for me...i have already seen:
1.Schinders list  2.Haiko 3.Saw 4.Life Is Beautiful 5.Khamosh...and i had a wonderful dushera holiday....i would remember this dushera for the super films i saw ....thanks to you....keep the briliiant work and do update the list

submitted on 12 October 2011

Thank you Phalguni for your spirited response and it really fills me with more energy to continue the work at the site for all my readers......So keep visiting more often, as there is lots more to come for sure.

Navnit Asthana   
submitted on 23 November 2011

Hi Bobby,
I have finally seen last week..the superbly made movie by Imtiaz.. n dat too after your comments on the movie..

Thanx a ton once again !!

I would also like to have your comments on Movies like - Kaash ( Jackey & Dimple), Aitbar (Suresh Oberoi - it may be a copy but still.. ), Qatl (Snajeev Kumar, Mark Zubair)..

Navnit Asthana

submitted on 23 November 2011

Thanks Navnit for loving the movie as it realy deserves to be loved by all.

Regarding the films you mentioned both AITBAAR and QATL are good inspired thrillers but they dont rise above their originals in any way.

However I really like and remember KAASH more for its fabulous songs and less for the movie. It suffered due to wrong casting and timing at the time of its release. The film was no doubt good but we really have some overdosage of films made on such subjects in Bollywood.
KAASH has some great under-rated songs, one of which I even used for my instrumental album a few years back and it was "Baad Muddat Ke Hum Tum Miley". Sadly no one had even heard of that song in those days.

Still thanks for reminding me and Keep Writing.

Navnit Asthana   
submitted on 12 December 2011

Hi Bobby,
Today, I have seen a movie - A chinese movie I suppose, dubbed in English..

I think it could get a nomination in your section "Movies to see before you die" !

Spectacular movie! Although it is a Animated Movie, but is so real that anybody can have tears in their eyes.. A very touchy Movie !

Recommend you to see it and give your comments !


Navnit Asthana   
submitted on 12 December 2011

Sorry for missed the name of the movie "Grave of the Firefies" !

submitted on 13 December 2011

Thanks Navnit,
though I am not keep of wathcing animation a lot but after your recommendation, I would surely watch it and get back to you.

vikram sachdev   vikramsachdev.com.kiransachdev.com
submitted on 14 December 2011
i enjoy creative process of most of the fine arts specially of cinema,i feel art of creating cinema as my nerve.
destiny kept for me the living with my social duties.i keep on enjoying my this nerve in my own way & style .
ur page & style fascinated me .
will keep tracing ur tracks.

best wishes
submitted on 17 December 2011

You are most welcome dear Vikram Sachdev, but the only thing which you will require here at my site is your valuable time and rest the content will take care of itself.
Hope you will enjoy your stay here.

Vinayak Gupta   
submitted on 18 December 2011
"A beautiful mind" deserves a spot in the list.
submitted on 18 December 2011

 "A Beautiful Mind" was added almost 3-4 years back in the site with a very brief write-up.....so do chek it with the help of search option there.

submitted on 17 January 2012

Hi ... Could u please review the french film A Prophet (2009) ...it will be nice to read your words...and oh yes it deserves a spot on this list.......

submitted on 20 January 2012

Hi Vishnu,
Sure I would love to watch it as per your strong reference.
Added it already in my pending list and would get back soon here after watching it.

Keep Visiting.

anup gupta   
submitted on 17 March 2012

this is the 1st time i hav visited this page....its quite intersting and can learn frm it....thank u...

submitted on 18 March 2012

Thanks for visitng here Anup and Welcome to the world of bobbytalkscinema.com
I am sure you are going to get many rare articles here about some great movies, music, poetry and pieces of life.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

submitted on 05 May 2012
Dear Mr. Singh, I'm on a long leave from work currently, for my kids. And I usually spend long nights awake, so watching movies on my iPad is an easy way to catch up on all that I missed otherwise, over the years.. specially the years i wasted away being born and growing up in my first decade. The movies made in the seventies, as i am now discovering, are the very best of Hindi Cinema!
Into all this, came your website - and I now have a road map - I know WHICH movies to buy/download/borrow and watch! With great reviews.. I think you've very successfully made life beautiful for someone like me!
I'm sure many have gained a lot from your blogs - but most of all me, coz I have NO IDEA about films..but nevertheless I want to watch the ones that are a must watch - through you its now possible!!
Thanks a lot!
submitted on 06 May 2012

Dear Gili,
Thanks a ton for sharing such an honest and encouraging comment for my sincere hard work put in here at the site.
Frankly speaking, friendly comments like these which seriously value my honestly written articles here work as the much needed fuel to my passion towards movies, music, poetry and life.

So I am equally thankful to you for writing such a spirited response appreciating the site and its content.
With such comments, I get enough strength to continue with more passion and energy to the best of my ability.
So thanking here is a two way process for sure.


sachin kumar   worldofcinema.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/rockstar-review/
submitted on 20 May 2012


read it n reply...

submitted on 21 May 2012

Hi Sachin,
Thanks for writing in and would like to say that everyone has his own concept and perception of seeing movies,
So you are entitled to have your own opinion and I respect that.
However  would like to add that do keep watching movies especially from world cinema as that will add a lot to your passion about cinema.


submitted on 20 July 2012

Hi bobby, just finished watching the movie INTOUCHABLES and i really liked it.it reminded me of guzarish.....whereas guzarish is a depressing movie this film gives a refreshing look on disability of a person. Do u think it will come in yr movie list.waiting for ur reply.

submitted on 24 July 2012

Hi Phalguni,
Great to know that you loved the movie and enjoyed it. As recommended, I will soon watch it and let ou know what I feel about it...
A bit busy in these days in some pending works but will get back here sure...


submitted on 10 September 2012

Hi Phalguni,
As you recommended I watched INTOUCHABLES last night and find it good light hearted entertaining movie.
But frankly among the movies made on the similar subjects its remains on the surface only and doesnt let you enter the life of either of its two heroes, which remains the first requirement of such subjects. Moreover many of the side plots remain uneveloped in the film (like about Phillips daughter's, Driss's family) and it mainly focuses to keep it light througout.

So I would prefer that since you have loved this a lot, then do watch the following three films to reconsider your views about the same.
Watch them in the given sequence only and as I feel they would give you alot more than INTOUCHALES for sure :

1. Inside I'm Dancing (2004)

2. Whose Life Is It Anyway? (1981)

3. The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (2007)

And do let me know when you see them.



kuldip singh malik   
submitted on 24 September 2012
Mr Bobby you have missed out a wonderful movie, The Scent of a Woman. Pz add this classic in your list.
submitted on 25 September 2012

Hi Kuldeep Singh Malik,

Thanks for visiting and writing in, but I would request you to please spend some time at the site in all its sections since the movie you have mentioned is already there posted as one of my earliest articles many years back. And here is the link.

THE SCENT OF A WOMAN - Movies To See Before You Die (Drama)



Binny dhody   
submitted on 08 December 2012

Hi Bobby, kya baat hai what a fantastic live concert of Riyaz Ali Imtiaz Ali , who are you man, music you put on youtube so barik ,where are in india this is the recording of torantto canada ,any way keep bringing these kind of music GOOD LUCK

submitted on 16 December 2012

Hi Binny Dhody,.
Thanks a lot for your kind and energetic apprecation. I am just a simple person following my passions religiously and thats what makes the difference I suppose. Honestly as life progresses we all tend to forget our own inner passions and then get lost in the cunning busyness of this monetary world. So I simply try to keep it alive for myself and all my friends here through these kind of small efforts.

And yes this is a private concert, casstte of which I got some 20 years back from my elder brother coming from there.

Thanks once again and I would surely try to keep uploading more gems like this at regular intervals.


Binny dhody   
submitted on 17 December 2012

Hi bobby thanks for reply , i wanna know where are you means which city and can you put something on your site about pinki ( tabla player ) and more videos of mehndi hassen, ghulam ali and other pakistani old singer. Thanks

submitted on 17 December 2012

Hi Binny,
I am from New Delhi (INDIA) and regarding the videos you need to see, there are loads and loads of content uploaded on the YOUTUBE by some like minded friends which needs hours to be seen all.
For example just type "Pinky Tabla" in the search bar in youtube and see the numerous results.

submitted on 14 January 2013

Hi Bobby,
A movie that might make your "must see before you die" is a Denzel starrer from 2000 titled Remember the Titans! Watched it again with the family this weekend and the kids were in awe!

Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.......thanks and continued success with your terrific site for movie lovers!!!!

submitted on 23 January 2013

Hi Sandeep,
Thanks for your spirited appreciation and I would soon chek out the movie and get back.

So Keep Visiting and Writing In,

Vishnu UK   
submitted on 13 February 2013

Hey Bobby,
Please check out the movie 'A Prophet' (2009) which i had requested earlier. Its more of a prison drama with interesting characters.
The next movie in Cell 211(2009). This is also set in a prison but this is nail biting suspense.

It will be nice to read your words.

submitted on 18 February 2013

Hi Vishnu,
As suggested I did see the movie "A Prophet" (2009) and liked it too but couldnt include it in the list of my must watch series then due to reasons I cant recall. But as you have again requested, I will surely give it a repeated viewing and would like to see "Cell 211" (2009) too soon.

Thanks for writing in and keep recommending good movies.


Vishnu UK   
submitted on 23 February 2013

Hi Bobby,
I am surprised you didn't think much of "A Prophet". It is one of the greatest underdog story you will ever see and a prison movie that makes SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION (and I love that movie) look like a fairy tale. I honestly thought you will be overwhelmed by it. But of course cinema is always subjective.
And waiting for CELL 211 review.

submitted on 06 March 2013

Hi Vishnu,
As replied earlier I will surely try to see them both soon and get back.

submitted on 10 March 2013
I am impressed. Keep it up.
submitted on 10 March 2013

Thanks a lot for your kind appreciation BB Sethi Ji.
Do keep visiting as I am sure you would love reading many articles here as per your choice.


prakash bhatia   
submitted on 20 August 2014

Hi Bobbyji,
the comedy section of movies to see before you die sadly misses out on one of the greatest hindi comedy PYAR KIYE JAA. you may have your reasons but I feel it deserves to be part of the list. Who can forget the scene between Mehmood and Om Prakash.

submitted on 27 August 2014

Hi Prakash Ji,
Actually there are many more movies in my list to be added in the various sections and I am slowly adding them all as I get the time.
So there are lot more to come in the coming times.
But keep reminding me of many more gems which I might have missed.


submitted on 10 April 2015
Dear Bobby

Please watch KONY (Bengali movie).
I hope you will find one more movie for must watch in sports category.

submitted on 15 April 2015

Dear Sudhanshu,
Thanks for recommending.
I will sure try to get its DVD soon and watch it.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

submitted on 15 April 2015
Dear Bobby,

If you like to watch it on youtube.
Here it is

submitted on 15 April 2015

Dear Sudhanshu,
The link shared doesn't have the English Subtitles so I will have to search for its DVD only which I will soon.


submitted on 15 April 2015

Dear Bobby,
If you find any difficulty in getting DVD, please inform me.
It will be more than pleasure for me to send DVD to you.
I liked Soumitra Chatterjee work very much in this movie.
Also, the politics in game and Indian player struggle is shown in very
realistic and brilliant way.
That is why I want that the movie should reach to you and then to a larger audience through BTC.


submitted on 15 April 2015

Thanks Sudhanshu,
Thats very sweet of you and if I coudnt get the DVD, will surely let you know.
I think its available at Angel website and Induna.com too.


submitted on 21 July 2015

Dear Bobby,

Please add a category of "life inspiring movie" to movie to see before you die.
By the way, have you got chance to see "Kony"?
If not, please see it.


submitted on 23 July 2015

Dear Sudhanshu,
Actually 'life inspiring' content remains the major reason of including films in my must watch list along with the cinematic excellence achieved in various forms and please do check another section of the site with articles on the same subject as "Few Life Inspiring Words"  (Link given in the right column)

However I will soon try to watch "Kony" taking it as a reminder for sure.


vinita gill   
submitted on 08 September 2015

Hi Bobby
Just came across your website when I was trying to find a review for Ankhaee which popped up on youtube and was wondering if it was good .You site seems quite a gold mine .Love some of the movies you mention in the comments as already being on the list and I am sure there must be lots that I haven't viewed . So looking forward to seeing some good movies
Thanks for the initiative .

submitted on 25 September 2015

Hi Vinita Gill,
First of all a big sorry for replying late as I missed out my last weekend round of writing all replies to the comments coming in.
Secondly a big thanks for appreciating the sincere efforts being made at this site since last 8 years.
Supportive comments like yours truly give me the strength to keep on going with the right spirits.

So with a heartfelt thanks once again, keep visiting and keep writing in.


Sudhanshu Srivastava   
submitted on 08 June 2016
Dear Bobby,

As per last information, you got the DVD of KONY.
Any updates.
Sorry if I am disturbing you too much.

submitted on 28 June 2016

Hi Sudhanshu,
With an heartfelt apology I promise to get back in the next week for sure as have got the DVD with me.
You must have noticed that I have not written about many MUST WATCH MOVIES in the last few months due to some personal engagements.

But would get back to you on this soon.
Keep visiting and writing in,

Fresh Bollywood News   
submitted on 14 July 2016

Hi bobby, I keep on reading the articles written by you. You do write catchy contents on the entertaining issues. I love to read such information. Your articles help me in understanding the crux of all topics. Thanks a lot for sharing such beautiful articles.

submitted on 14 July 2016

The pleasure is really mine and thanks a lot for your valuable support and appreciation.

submitted on 01 October 2016

Dear Bobby,
Please consider "peaceful warrior" for "movies to see before you die".
Sample this dialogue of movie "The ones who are hardest to love are usually the ones who need it the most." I think this is compelling enough to give it a watch. Believe me there are many more gem of dialogue in this movie. In some sense, this movie is a visual explanation of why one should practice meditation
Also, just a humble reminder for my long pending request for review of movie "Kony." Please review it.


submitted on 19 October 2016

Dear Sudhanshu,
Thanks for the another valuable recommendation brother.
I have made a note of both this and KONY for the coming week.
I am sure I will get back to you on both after watching them within this month only.


submitted on 09 December 2016
Dear Bobby,

As you are in search of good movies after Befikare, please watch movies requested by me. Maybe Kony and Peaceful warrior will provide some relief to you. Need not to publish. Just a humble request by an ardent fan of BTC. I will keep on trying untill I get to know your views on these movies.

submitted on 26 December 2016

Sure Sudhanshu,
Somehow these films are playing games with me despite the DVD of KONY lying in front of me.
But I will watch them both soon.

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