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April 29, 2017 Saturday     

101 Silver Screen Stars - Review By Bobby Sing

Celebrating the 100 years of Indian Cinema as well as the 50 years of Shemaroo in related business operations, the company released a 4 DVD – premium pack in the year 2013 which I recently got hold of recommended by a like-minded friend loving Hindi cinema and its adorable stalwarts as a die-hard fan.
The innovatively designed pack with a coffee table book kind of appearance is actually a more informative collector’s edition product instead of a musical compilation featuring all known artists. So if you are really interested in knowing about the personal as well as professional career details of all the big stars in the form of video slides/listings along with some selected song clips being played on the screen as a medley, then this is certainly a worth buy, being the first of its kind of product launched by Shemaroo Entertainment. But in case you are more interested in the complete song videos of your favourite stars collectively presented in a DVD, then this might not be the one giving you any worth of your money spent putting it honestly.
Beginning from Raj Kapoor to the current heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor and from Nargis to the present trendsetter Vidya Balan, the 4 DVDs devote 7-9 minutes to each of their selected stars. And then have slides about their personal details, initial journey, major films, achievements and awards won followed by one complete song representing their respective eras.
Regarding the selection of artists, probably the chosen decades and copyrights issue might be the cause that one finds many of those genius artists missing from the early era like Ashok Kumar, K. L. Saigal, Guru Dutt and more. Plus it was really strange to see the three Deols - Sunny, Bobby, Abhay and Fardeen Khan too included in the list but Kumar Gaurav missing, despite being the one beginning the trend of star-son heroes setting the box office on fire with their young musical love stories. Adding to the shortcoming the packing style wherein one DVD has to be placed over the other on the same tray causes a lot of trouble too with more chances of getting scratched that could have been avoided with a different setting.
However moving over the minuses, the set comes with an added attraction of a Filmy Diary designed in a long vertical format, which has many original movie posters printed on one side and some interesting, lesser known trivia on many famous movies written on the top of every blank page, useful for all enthusiastic, investigative movie fans.
Summing up, may be not for the older ones but as a collective informative document on all major stars of our Hindi Cinema post the 50s, this is a worth buy indeed for the young moviegoers who wish to know more about their current icons as well as the maestros of the past through an audio-visual presentation instead of a thick book. So if you are one of those energetic young Hindi cinema lovers willing to discover more, then do opt for this unique collector’s edition compiled well and have a great musical time with the cine-stars.
Links to check out the content before buying :

Tags : 101 Silver Screen Star 4 DVD Set by Shemaroo, 101 Silver Screen Set Review by Bobby Sing, Articles on Cinema, Articles on Music, Poetry and Life, Informative Trivia Diary in the Set, More About The Golden Era of Hindi Film Music
14 March 2015 / bobbysing /
leave a comment
4 Responses to “101 Silver Screen Stars (4 DVD Collector's Edition Set from Shemaroo) - (Review By Bobby Sing)”
Prakash Bhatia   
submitted on 15 March 2015
Hi Bobbyji,
Your post makes quite interesting read and I appreciate your surprise at ignoring Heritage of Indian cinema(reasons best known to Sheemaroo) and mentioning 'also ran' actors is a sad reflection on our present society's indifference towards our seniors not only in this field but in every walk of life. One should understand that present stands on strong foundation of past. Cheers
submitted on 18 March 2015

Thanks for noticing the big mistake by the company Prakash Ji.
And yes the biggest drawback is that if we forget to mention the stalwarts like Ashok Kumar and Guru Dutt, then we are not actually passing on the legacy in the right manner to the next generation.

In that respect all compilations of Bollywood History should be made in the following divisions as I strongly believe.

A. Till 1950
B. From 1950-1970
C. 1970-1990
D. 1990-2005
E. 2005 onwards


Prakash Bhatia   
submitted on 18 March 2015

Hi Bobbyji,
Perfect classification sir. Cheers.

submitted on 19 March 2015

Thanks a lot Prakash Ji.


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