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SARDAAR JI 2 (Punjabi) - Another unexpectedly pathetic sequel made just to fool the viewers encashing the successful original. (Review By Bobby Sing)
26 Jun, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

If a director having JATT JAMES BOND and SARDAAR JI in his repertoire comes up with a film such as SARDAAR JI 2 then its not only disheartening but really unfortunate for Punjabi Cinema, as there are not many from whom you can expect some quality content here making it pretty straight.
Sadly following the easier path of making a sequel that is sure to fetch a good initial riding high on the success of its original, this is yet another pathetic attempt to fool the viewers which despite having some good elements in the writing, never turns out to be any focused or well-directed project taking you for a silly ride. In fact one can easily compare SARDAARJI 2 to all those big films of a Bollywood Superstar that have nothing else to offer other than the Star himself rendering some funny or cheeky lines on a regular basis.
However mentioning the positive features first, it comes up with a very fine phrase of ‘A Safal Kisaan’ (with the extra-large produce) and the thought of progressive farming that could have become the base of the entire film talking about some relevant issues related to the state as well as its people along with the expected humour. Secondly the idea of the hero’s good and evil shadow resulting in a kind of triple role was also an interesting one, which again couldn’t work due to an unimpressive or rather confusing execution by the director Rohit Jugraj. Interestingly the insertion reminded me of actor-director Sajid Khan’s old TV serial on Hindi film reviews where he also came up with this trick of showcasing two sides of his conscience wearing long robes wherein black represented the devil and white symbolized the angel giving two different views. Casting Jaswinder Bhalla in a different role of a Pakistani Don instead of a regular witty Sikh was another major highlight of the film, which again couldn’t be exploited in any exceptional manner.
With only a few merits stated above, SARDAARJI 2 actually falls flat as the writer-director try to incorporate too many unconvincing characters and highly silly sequences one after another in order to make it a fast paced comic entertainer focusing on their star alone. As a result you get to see so many childish insertions in the film such as Diljit messing with the foreigners, the sequence with the psychiatrist, a weird scene in the court, the judge ordering him to do community service of selling ice creams, the ice creams being sold to the young girls instead of kids on a yatch/ship singing songs, Muslim characters openly roaming in cars (in Australia) holding big guns, an orphanage coming into the proceedings out of nowhere, the beautiful girls (Monica Gill and Sonam Bajwa) presented as purely dumb characters, an otherwise useful actor Yashpal Sharma utterly wasted, veteran Jatinder Kaur used in a forced cameo and Dev Singh Gill yet again made to scream in a badly written role having nothing to do.
Yes as always the music of the film is catchy, full of dance numbers. But the songs are all like the 8 regular tracks of a Punjabi pop album purposefully included in the film as its lead star is a well-known singer of Punjab too. Besides here we also have a shameful adaptation of a big hit of the 90s originally composed by the respected Charanjit Ahuja and sung by Sardool Sikander without acknowledging the creators in the film’s opening or end credits (that was not really expected). To see the similarities just listen to the track ‘Poplene/Jatt Da Pajama’ sung by Diljit and then ‘Husna De Malko’ at the link below and see the blatant lift.
In all, this is such an unexpectedly lackluster sequel from the talented team that it strongly makes you feel that they just made it following the ‘sequel trend’ without caring much about the storyline, screenplay or execution unlike any seriously made film. As an enthusiastic and supportive viewers, we readily don’t mind watching well-made entertaining comedy films keeping our brains at home, but that doesn’t mean we are supposed to appreciate and approve anything and everything served in the name of comedy without any backing of a solid writing or direction.
The film is all about the multi-talented Diljit Dosanjh and his usual funny one liners providing the timely relief. But considering the highly casual or overconfident way of presentation taking the viewers as granted, this should ideally be called MUKHTIAR CHADDHA 2 instead of SARDAAR JI 2 giving you the right picture.
Rating : 1.5 / 5

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26 Jun 2016 / Comment ( 2 )
Kamal Arora
Your review is bang on. Exactly the way I felt while sitting thru this crap, and eventually leaving the theatre midway, when I no longer could bear it anymore. Diljit himself is to be blamed for this mess, because he is at such a juncture of his career,where he need to carecully scrutinize every aspect of the project before signing it. For every jat and juliet or Udta Punjab, he serves us a Mukhtiar Chadha or Sardar ji 2 as well...
Bobby Sing

Thanks for the support Kamal Arora and yes you are very right that at this time of his career, Diljit needs to take decision carefully and sensibly.
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