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7 KHOON MAAF - Movie Review : A disappointing film revealing nothing more than its title. (Review By Bobby Sing)
18 Feb, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

Vishal Bhardwaj returning after KAMINEY with Priyanka Chopra along with a completely unusual choice of subject surely had everyone in high spirits before the release of 7 KHOON MAAF. But sadly the news is not at all positive for all the readers here from my side.

First of all let me make it clear that I am huge fan of Off Beat Cinema also famous as Art Cinema, made anywhere in the world of any language. So my view about 7 KHOON MAAF is not negative only because its an offbeat kind of film coming from Vishal who is undoubtedly one of the most talented directors of Bollywood in the current times. In fact I would have loved to rate it very high only for that reason only like all famous film critics. But I was mainly disappointed watching the movie as a normal filmgoer since I didn’t find anything great, revealing, interesting or enjoyable in this murder saga (as suggested by its title) with a great star-cast. And I would readily like to explain my logic for that.
According to me A Movie Watching Experience can be broadly divided into two parts. One, when the viewer still has to watch it and has only got a vague idea about the film from its title, promos, star interviews and other promotional activities. And Two after he has actually watched it and now knows many new things, new story angles, new surprises or new revelations told in the movie on the whole. So in clear words, after a viewer has watched the movie, he knows much more than he earlier had in mind about the film and its concept.
But what can be said about a movie which tells you nothing new after its release and you still remain with the same info about the film in totality after viewing it. Frankly speaking before watching 7 KHOON MAAF, a viewer already knows that in this film a woman is shown killing her seven husbands in different ways for some diverse reasons in her whole life span. And after watching it you still know the same and nothing new. The film starts off as a true artistic kind of project but just keeps on showing Priyanka murdering her 7 husbands one by one and nothing else. Moreover while watching her murdering them all, one neither feels the pain of loneliness felt by the lady deep inside nor one feels sorry for any of the husbands being killed by their respective turns.
So if you are expecting to see an exciting thriller, a tense murder mystery, an investigative crime drama or a painful saga of a lonely lady, then I would clearly like to state that it is not even close to any of these. In specific words, after viewing it I felt no fear, thrill or excitement generated by any of the seven murders being committed in front me. Further, I neither had any feeling of hatred towards the killer lady nor any kind of sympathetic emotion felt towards her lonely character in search of True Love. The director just keeps on showing the lady killing all her husbands with the help of her three domestic helps as if there is no LAW anywhere and its very easy to kill anyone just like that. There are no serious investigations undertaken anywhere in the film about all these murders and the Police is also shown in a very hilarious manner investigating the murder of even a distinguished Foreign National in a very disgraceful manner.
After a long time I found Vishal Bhardwaj coming up with a very questionable and weak kind of script, having so many loose ends right from its start. Thought the film takes off on a very promising note but after its initial half an hour its keeps on moving on the same one track with no exciting twists and turns in its storyline, which were being expected from the movie having such an interesting title. Post intermission it raises even more unanswered question till its climax and the ending leaves you with a strange kind of feeling of reaching no-where.
Taking the additional responsibility of MUSIC, Vishal also doesn’t deliver a Winner soundtrack this time. It has only few good tracks including the now famous Indianised version of the Russian song “Kalinka” called “Darling” sung skillfully by the great Usha Uthap, who also features in the movie in a short role. Out of the rest I liked “Bekaraan” sung soulfully by Vishal Bhardwaj himself. And as usual the director uses his two mediums of Cinematography and Background Music in the film as a master film-maker.
The biggest disappointment in the film with the title 7 KHOON MAAF is that out of its 7 featured husbands only 2 are able to generate a feeble kind of impact and that too doesn’t stay with you for long with the continuous introduction of the new ones down the storyline. From the entire bunch of husbands the best one remains Anu Kapoor, one of the most under-rated actors of our Hindi Film Industry, followed by the internationally famous Irrfan Khan in his own unique style. From the rest Neil Nitin Mukesh and John Abraham are good but the remaining fail to make any kind of impact on the viewer including Naseeruddin Shah. Vivaan Shah (Naseer’s real life son), who plays the narrator of the story is very promising and Konkana Sen Sharma in a short role is sweet. But I really loved watching Usha Uthap in a smart cameo of Priyanka’s house help who goes on to sacrifices her life for her lady master.
Being the leading lady of the project, Priyanka Chopra gives another shining performance of her career portraying the life of a lonely lady from her twenties to the late sixties. However I seriously feel that she surely could have won more hearts all over, if only the movie was made more entertaining and engrossing for the common man. Still, taking things with a positive attitude, a film from Vishal Bhardwaj can never be a complete washout since the director does give you few worth watching moments in his film at regular intervals.
So, even if I didn’t like the movie which was way below my expectations from the director and his team, I would surely like to mention here some great cinematic factors, not to be missed while watching it.
1. Just watch out the way Vishal, tells you the time and year of each story, with the help of some T.V. shots, news clipping and people reading news papers with some clearly readable headlines.
2. The director is a real pro when it comes to shooting some bold bed room scenes with his leading actors. Just see how intelligently he has canned the intimate scenes of Priyanka with her few husbands in the movie with great lighting and elegance. From this particular point of view the film is at par with any International reputed project of a renowned festival director from any part of the world.
3. Though I personally didn’t enjoy it, but I sincerely appreciate Vishal Bhardwaj’s continuous and intentional effort of making movies inspired from the rich literature waiting to be explored by anyone. This is his second film based on a Ruskin Bond story (first was “The Blue Umbrella) with the title ‘Susanna’s Seven Husbands’. And as an honorary gesture, Vishal also has given a brief role to the writer in the film itself. So just see if you can recognize him when he comes on the screen.
Summing up, I would only like to say that for few great art movie lovers or festival movies hunters, 7 KHOON MAAF may be an outstanding venture in some cinematic sense of their own. But from a common man or a normal movie-buff’s point of view the film can also be called as boring, uninteresting and unentertaining all together. So I would not be able to rate it high due to the above factors.
Rating : 2 / 5

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18 Feb 2011 / Comments ( 8 )

Hi Bobby,

Sorry but i like the movie very much though I am somewhat agree with your view points too...

Reading your writing I also learn it....thanks to you...here it goes....
your comment would encourage me lot.....

 My Short attempt for writing review (rather narration of story) On 7 Khoon Maaf:

Bhardwaj's latest venture is dark, wacky & the best describe as comedy noir.
Here is what I understood from movie after watching it today.

The story is about 7 evils in us (Human) depicted by 6 husbands in Priyanka's life & by herself & getting rid of them one after another

1. Jealousy, Possessiveness, Insecurity Neil Nitin Mukesh
2. Drug addiction,  John Abraham
3. Sexually beast in bed  Irrfan Khan
4. Betrayal, disloyalty  Aleksandr Dyachenko
5. Lust, Blackmailing  Annu Kapoor
6. Greed for money  Naseeruddin Shah
7. Constant desire of Love in life  When Priyanka converts herself in to nun by killing those evils within her & devoting her life to Jesus.

So far this is the best performance/act by Priyanka. She has portrayed character of lonely lazy, bizarre but fascinating woman.
Some of the very wicked but honestly written dialogs.
Music is very fresh while lyrics are innovative & inspired.
Cinematography is of international standards by using angles & color sheds.
Surprised debut of new talent named Vivaan Shah (Son of Naseeruddin Shah)

I like the movie very much though it has its own demerits & hiccups (which I am not mentioning here) but one can give concession because of the super unique story telling style of Vishal Bhardwaj.

Bobby Sing

 Hi Himanshu,

I am glad that you liked the movie as I really wanted the film tpo be a success for Vishal alone.

But as stated in my review, this time I found too many loose points in the screenplay which was not expected from a director such as Vishal with so many brilliant films in his repertoire.

Coming to your honest attempt in writing a short review for 7KM, here are my views in response :

1. Your point of understanding 7 evils in the story is doubt very true. But the way it is shown is not at all balanced and also not so effective that it strikes your soul hard.

In this very context the best movie made till date remains SE7EN, which also shows different evils being tackled by a serial killer in his own way.

2. Your rest of the point in the review are fair enough as both Vishal & Priyanka never lets you down in theire respective departments.

3. But just think of any logic behind the murders. If a woman can continue killing 7 husbands without any hassel and investigations being done by the police then this simply shows that not only all her highly literate husbands are fools but also the Police Officials and neighbors are also living with their eyes closed.

4. Moreover if you are not having the right husband then is murdering him the last option? Why coudnt Priyanka just move on with life with other options open.

In all I found the movie too weak in logic so if you still want to discover the seven sins of mankind being explored in a criminal way then watch SE7EN once again instead of 7 KHOON MAAF. And my this statement is with due respect to both Vishal and Priyanka.



The greatest advantage of internet is that it allows you the freedom of doing what you are passionate about. I think u r not an assigned or intentional film critic and thats the reason why your reviews are indepth yet connect with the common filmy buff like me.

Thanks and keep your passion and compassion towards films going.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Phalgunj for your encouraging words.

Actually its these kind of responses only which inspire me to keep on going and I will surely continue it with the same passion.

Just pray that the ALMIGHTY gives me more time, strength and intelligence to keep on going....



Hey Bobby, agree with you...it's a dud movie based on a very feeble story...my review here : http://ritusthoughtcatcher.wordpress.com/2011/02/19/7-khoon-maaf/ :-)

Bobby Sing

 Hi Ritu,

Thanks for agreeing with my viewpoint and I will sure read yours too.



Hi Bobby...
Thanks a ton for your reply & recommendation. will surely watch one.
Agree with your viewpoint. Anyhow Piggy n Vishal & darling rock big time.

Bobby Sing

Thank You too Himanshu for your short review.

But as I predicted the reports are falling in about the movie not at all doing good at the Box Office.  And this is second time that my prediction about a Vishal Bhardwaj Film has been proved right. Earlier it was with KAMINEY doing just average businees at the ticker window as per my review.


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