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Anil Sharma and his GADAR's shoot at Amritsar Railway Station. (Did You Know - 31)
15 Dec, 2011 | Did You Know!

Gadar Train To Amritsar - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

This is about an emotional incident revealed in an interview by Anil Sharma, the director of GADAR A Prem Katha (a 2001 mega blockbuster of bollywood), when he was shooting the movie in an outdoor schedule at Amritsar Railway Station with a huge live crowd.
To give it an authentic feel, the Amritsar station was given the look of 1940s when the unfortunate incident actually happened. All the advertisements and posters displayed within the station were pulled down and replaced with ones from the 1940s. All modern equipments were interchanged with the dummy old ones and the scene was shot on the same platform of Amritsar station where such a train had come in 1947. The steam engine used for the shooting had been hired from the Railway Museum at Delhi and it was all done in a “Live’ station with the real crowd and actors.

In response to an advertisement given in the city, the locals turned up in lakhs for the shooting of the sequence in which the train was shown coming in from Pakistan. The advertisement stated that anyone who wears Kurta-Pyjama (a traditional Indian attire) will be in the frame. And due to that news, the stock of these garments in the market simply vanished and people were there in their full force dressed as required.
In the words of the director Anil, “As the scene got over, one old Sikh gentleman was banging his head on the platform chair and howling with no intentions of moving away”. When I told him, “Papaji, the shot is over!” he looked up slowly with tears in his eyes and said, ”It was more than 50 years ago when I was about 10 and I have myself witnessed this very same scene in real life. An actual train full of corpses had arrived and today it was as if everything was happening again in front of my old eyes”.
Such was the impact of the realistic scene shot on the witnesses there and the same euphoria was seen again as the film got released. However I seriously hope that the historical representation of this bygone era in the films, teaches us the mistakes done in the past and we all learn our new lessons of love and friendship from the same, at least for our coming generations in the future.

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15 Dec 2011 / Comments ( 4 )

In the last para you said 'historical representation of this bygone era'- the film had Pakistanis as bad guys(villains).was that accurate? would you recommend such a film which incites hate for that country? it is supposed to be fiction they said.
What about films like 1947 Earth/Border (climax song specially)?

An observation - South Indians (like me) should not be bothered with Pak and its historical baggage but some North Indians have this attitude of hating them for everything.

Bobby Sing

Dear Chris,
Please note that this is not a post of my "Must See Movies Section" but it is a post included in my "Did You Know" section talking mainly about some interesting TRIVIA about movies and their making. So you are mistaken in taking it that way.

In the last para I said 'historical representation of this bygone era' -  because this phrase was meant for the Train approaching sequence which was in fact all TRUTH as it happened.

So, now it might be clear that my post in no way either takes side or gives any verdicts about any such happenings. Hence please read the purpose of the post (ie. TRIVIA) once again.

Regarding the films your mentioned 1947 Earth is included in my MUST SEE MOVIES LIST as it deserved to be right there. 

Lastly in annswer to your observation - No body living in a different part of the country or world actually bothers till it happens with them........North Indian faced it right in front of them so they know the truth.

It just like we in India dont really bother of what happened to so many families hurt by HITLER's Holocaust in the other part of the world.

BUT, it was hurting to know that you didnt bother........cause for me it doesnt matter to which part of the country I live or which religion I belong.......and I really try to feel for others!



I apologise for that statement. Actually its the attitude that 'they were villains and Indians did no wrong' bothers me. I know there is a dialogue in Gadar from Sunny to Amrish on similar lines.

On a lighter note, no one confronts Amrish Puri like Sunny does (remember Damini). Usually Puri overshadows everyone but not Sunny onscreen. not even Big B or Dharam. Your take on that...

Bobby Sing

I understand Chris so its fine.
And yes no one can stand in front of Amrish Puri as Dharmendera or Sunny........ ever on the Indian Silver Screen.


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