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FEVER - An overstretched thriller that stresses more on long conversations and steamy scenes than its mystery element. (Review By Bobby Sing)
06 Aug, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

Opening with various text slides including disclaimers and a definition of word FEVER too, at first the film gives you an impression as if it’s sure going to be something interesting in terms of an engrossing suspense thriller. But what the team serves in the next two hours turns out to be neither engaging nor thrilling without any great mystery, missing the most important feature of such films i.e. a good pace with regular twists and turns keeping you guessing.
As a matter of fact, all you get to see in this so called mystery-thriller is just pretty faces smooching and moving around, conversing in painfully long sequences heading nowhere. Revolving around a writer, who has lost his memory post a road accident, the film features Rajeev Khandelwal and Gauhar Khan in the lead along with Victor Banerjee, Ankita Makwana, a British actor Gemma Atkinson and a small cameo played by Italian bond girl Caterina Murino (of Casino Royale fame).
Directed by Rajeev Jhaveri, the script has a very lazy as well as overstretched story progression and that too without any much awaited, interesting twists raising the excitement level. The cinematography does make it look as a grand, rich venture capturing the scenic locations of Switzerland and background score also tries to generate the much needed pace at intervals. But the makers seem to be actually more interested in all the steamy-erotic scenes, instead of the promised mystery and thrill, to be straight.
In the performances, Rajeev Khandelwal tries his best without any major variation of expressions playing the puzzled writer (wonder whom he idolizes in mind?) but cannot guess why Gauhar Khan signed this film wearing a constantly distracting small diamond above her lips. No doubt she looks sizzling hot in the pool and other smooching scenes but perhaps they both signed the film thinking about a long stay in Switzerland, more than any career move. Besides the supporting cast also looks like being there for a similar reason doing nothing significant in terms of a contribution.  
Mentioning the songs, if you take a look at the official jukebox of the film released at youtube, then it has more than 10 tracks (composed by more than 4-5 music directors) with a mix of poor, average and above average melodies (including the usual shouting). However the unimpressive execution doesn’t allow you to remember even one of those used in the film while moving out of the theatre.
On a concluding note, it’s really unfortunate that we repeatedly fail to come up with any great suspense thrillers in Hindi cinema both in the case of partially inspired writing and official remakes of the hit foreign flicks as seen in the recent JAZBAA and TE3N. So this is one particular genre, we are certainly lacking behind in comparison, looking at many path breaking films made in our own regional language cinema in the last few years. No doubt the intention is right there proved by constant efforts being made by many young filmmakers, but hope it soon gets transformed into a well-made mystery film too, where the lead couple is not just showing off wearing the matching T-Shirts with Alfred and Hitchcock written separately.
Rating : 1.5 / 5
(Note : Reportedly this is also one of those stuck projects, finally releasing after remaining in cans for a long time. However this makes me recall another worth watching film by the same producers titled HANDOVER which was proudly included in BTC's Movies To See Before You Die list a couple of years back (post a festival screening), but the film still hasn't released in the theatres for some undisclosed reasons.
Sadly, that's how we miss to watch and cherish many significant films that are actually miles ahead of such avoidable releases.)

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