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Garam Hawa (1973) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama / Historical)
31 Jul, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Garam Hawa - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

“Garam Hawa” – is a gem which has to be there in the top brackets of any kind of List compiled about the movies made on the subject of India’s Partition. Also considered as one the Top 10 Movies made in the Hindi Film Industry till date, "Garam Hawa" is among the favourites of many renowned stalwarts of Bollywood, who still remember the aura it created at the time of its release in 1973.

For me, it is one of the best works conceived around the subject of India’s partition in 1947. The film is based on the story of famous Urdu Writer Ismat Chugtai and captures the moments of those tough times in just the right spirit without going into any blood-shed or extreme violence. Truly speaking, the director and writer show the trauma of that era more through their characters and their breaking relationships than by showing some bloody scenes of deadly riots full of mutual hatred.
It has Balraj Sahni, the most natural Indian actor of all times playing the lead character, caught within the communal tension and his performance is undoubtedly among the Best Ever performances of Hindi Cinema. In fact why he is known as the most natural actor, is righty proved by this film without any doubt.. Thoughtfully directed by M. S. Sathyu, the film gives you a chance to feel the violent conflicts between Hindus & Muslims, before & after the partition, as a first-hand experience. Each character in its script is affected in his own way by the hard & unexpected decision took by the leaders of that time. And as you see it, the terrifying moments are bound to make you go numb and speechless for few minutes.
Undoubtedly one of the most intense movies on this topic which makes you sit back and think about the situation our ancestors had to face at that particular point of time. In a very sensitive and subtle way it captures the dilemma every Hindu, Muslim and Sikh had at that time, about whether to move away or not. And further it has a well shot climax which is a complete chapter in itself to study, leaving many open questions for the viewer to think it over. As an added gem it has a memorable Qawwali track “Maula Saleem Chisti” by Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi, which is still cherished by the lovers of this art. Just watch out the way, director M. S. Sathyu starts the qawwali in a terrific manner. A must watch for all lovers of Hindi Films and thought provoking cinema who wish to see the hardcore reality, as it was. 

For the younger generation, the film may be a slow version of those active ugly moments. But it has many hidden meaningful sequences which need to be studied deeply and can work as one of the best opportunities to visit the GONE ERA like in a TIME MACHINE. So, if you really want to see what happened at that time back in 1947, which converted friends into enemies in just a few days, then Go for this masterpiece at the earliest.
It starts with the voice of Janab Kaifi Azmi Saab in the opening titles reciting his own verses :

"Taqseem Hua Mulk To Dil Ho Gaye Tukde,
Har Seene Mein Toofan Wahan Bhi Tha, Yahan Bhi,

Har Ghar Mein Chita Jalti Thi, Lehra Te Thhey Sholay,
Har Shehar Mein Shamshaan Wahan Bhi Tha, Yahan Bhi,

Geeta Ki Koi Sunta, Na Quran Ki Sunta,
Hairaan Tha Imaan, Wahan Bhi Tha, Yahan Bhi"

Ironically, it’s a shame for our own Industry that the movie which is considered among the best ever made in India on the subject, remains officially unavailable at any format till date within the country. As per my information it hasn’t been released on HOME VIDEO in India (till Aug 2011) and at present can only be seen if you can get hold of its copy from some Industry source, buy it from a foreign website online or see it through an illegal & unofficial upload on the web.……In fact that’s the way our Indian Cinema operates.

But the good news is that as I am told, with the efforts of some concerned people, it is soon going to be re-released in the Home Video segment for all the world wide viewers. And when it is there on the shelf, I would be the first person to go for it at the earliest.
Directed By M. S. Sathyu
Starring : Balraj Sahni, Farukh Sheikh & More 
Music By Bahadur Khan, Aziz Ahmed Khan Warsi

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31 Jul 2011 / Comments ( 6 )

Dear Mr. Bobby,

Every time, I read an article here, I always want to leave a comment but unfortunately that hasn't been happened for last one year.

But today, you published something regarding one of my favourite movie 'Garam Hawa', I couldn't resist.

First of all, I would like to salute your vision, knowledge and understanding for good cinema. You have been doing a great job in this era of paid reviews on every second website.

What I have understood for the last one year's leeching of this website is that we have pretty much similar taste when it comes to Bollywood cinema.

Being living abroad, I would say I have a decent genuine / original movie library, which still has a lot of room for improvement with movies like 'Garam Hawa'. But unfortunately, its rare to find the original title online and shops.

I have seen this movie few times online and it is totally a Balraj Sahni's movie all the way. He acted so naturally and played the character so beautifully that you actually feel his misery.

God bless you and I wish you all the best.

I wouldn't sit back and leech this website anymore but would put my comments time to time. I Promise. :)

Kind Regards,


Bobby Sing

Hi Rajnish,
Its really an honor to know that you have been hooked on to the site from the last one year......and I am really thankful to you for that and for respecting my passion for the art.

Yes, it seems we have same taste for Hindi Films and I would love to know more about any such movie which you do not find in my list.

I am really glad to read your encouraging comment and promise to continue working with the same spirit in the future GOD WILLING.

Do keep visiting and write in more often brother.


Parth N. Acharya
I just paused the film after watching first few minutes of it, just to say thanks for sharing. Cheers!
Bobby Sing

Glad to hear that your loved it so much only after seeing its few minutes....Thanks for your sharing the thought Parth.


Dear Bobby

'Garam Hawa' is one of those movie which i admire and luv to watch again and again. a couple of minutes ago i hav searched it on flipcart for buying online but alas it was not available as expected.

I hav seen this movie a long time back and want to see it again. Now I will try to see it in youtube.

U r doin a gud job buddy. Having similar taste we can share more by becoming friends. Awaiting reply


Bobby Sing

Hi Vashishta,
Sorry for the late reply and thanks for your appreciations dear.
We sure are friends already as you are the site being a like-minded friend discussing movies.

But for more discussions you can join me at Facebook too with all other friends.
Keep Visitng and writing in.


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