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Gulzar's MAUSAM (1975), its inspiration and Yash Chopra's LAMHE (1991)
25 Apr, 2011 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / M

Gulzar’s sensitive yet bold venture “Mausam” featuring Sanjeev Kumar and Sharmila Tagore in the lead was loosely based on A. J. Cronin’s 1961 novel, THE JUDAS TREE. In the novel too there is a doctor who first leaves the girl he loves and later comes back after many years and meets her daughter. And then an emotional journey between the two starts off from a different note altogether.

However recently when I watched MAUSAM once again, then I just remembered Yash Chopra’s LAMHE while witnessing few scenes when Sanjeev Kumar meets Sharmila Tagore once again after so many years and is surprised to see that she perfectly looks like her mother (Sharmila Tagore was in a double role in the movie).
Though it might not be a straight source of inspiration but still I felt that the theme or concept of LAMHE was quite close to that of MAUSAM. In both the movies the hero first does not get married to his lady love, due to different circumstances & the lady dies. Later after many years, the man meets the daughter of the lady, who looks exactly similar to her mother and reminds the hero of his mistake he had made in the past of not taking an initiative. And then both the movies end at a positive note wherein Sanjeev Kumar accepts the girl as his daughter and Anil Kapoor decides to marry her despite of their big age difference.
I don’t know whether all the friends reading this observation, would agree to it or not. But for me, it was indeed a very interesting similarity between the two masterpieces of Indian Cinema directed by two genius directors.

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25 Apr 2011 / Comments ( 8 )
Totally agree..noticed this long back...was watching Mausam again...n thought somebody have noticed this or not...!!both close to my heart...!!
Bobby Sing

Thanks for agreeing to my thought Bunty and nice to have you here too.

Keep Visiting and Writing In,



In any case Gulzar is a great artist. Madan Mohan's role is excellent. It features Hindi Cinema, Not so called Bollywood.

Bobby Sing

Hi Keerthi,
No doubt GULZAR is one of the greatest masters of Indian Cinema. But culdnt get what you meant by saying "Madan Mohan's role is excellent."
Please reply with more on it soon.

keerthi kumara
My dear thanks again, Madan Mohan is an excellent musician. He did lot of creations, like music in dek kabhi ra roya, do raha, chiraag. woh kaun the, and more . He has don about 80 films Yet he received an award only for mausm that is also following his death. I personaly feel that his music is perfect. Thanks. Iam a Sri Lankan.

Bobby Sing

The pleasure is all mine to have you here Keerthi and yes Madan Mohan Saab was a true maestro and I too am a die hard lover of all his memorable works. In fact Awards and recogintions are nothing in front of the works done by such blessed genius so it really doesnt matter.
Keep Visiting and Writing In.

keerthi kumara

There lot of indian artists not credited enough. sangeeth kaar Jayadev is one out of that. When he was the co-musician for S.D.Bharman he did lot of work. But his name is hoodwinked. He composed music fo excellent films like Prem Parbat, Doboond paani" etc ,He never received any award. Suman Kalyanapur is an other example. Actually she was a competitive singer for Lata Mangeshkar. Thanks I am a SriLankan

Bobby Sing

Hi Keerthi Kumara,
Thanks for visiting and writing in.
However though I coudnt find the link between your comment and the post here but still the point made is perfectly right.

Keep Visiting,

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