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Housefull (2010) and its inspiration sources.
05 May, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / H

Sajid Khan’s first movie, “Heyy Baby” was visibly inspired from few western flicks. Hence after this known fact, it was presumed that Sajid will probably go more original in his next venture. But quite surprisingly the man who was known to literally expose the copied works of other renowned film-makers in his TV show, returns with his another average kind of movie, with again all inspired content from various sources as mentioned below :

1. The loser plot wherein Akshay Kumar is appointed by the Casino Owner to just sit in his Casino and bring bad luck to the players is taken from “The Cooler” (2003), wherein also there is a loser who is called “Cooler” and who is supposed to bring bad luck to all the winning persons in the Casino. Along with that there is a lead role of a waitress working in the casino and also a main character of the Casino owner in this English Original (but with a different story-line). In fact Housefull commences in exactly the same manner as Cooler, with a Casino sequence where people start losing on every table the moment the loser steps in the hall.
2. The angle of wife dumping her husband in their honeymoon at a beach is taken from “Along Came Polly” (2004).
3. A Guy meeting another girl while he is on his own honeymoon, whom he starts loving at once, is borrowed from “The Heartbreak Kid” (2007).
4. Akshay’s scene with monkey where they are hitting each other in a funny way, is heavily inspired from a similar sequence in “Night At The Museum” (2006).
5. The sequence with a Tiger sitting on a Sofa in the Living room is quite similar to the one in the Hit comedy “Hangover” (2009).
6. The Polygraphic machine sequence where Arjun Rampal tries to find the truth behind Akshay’s love is borrowed from “Meet The Parents” (2000), which has a similar scene featuring Robert De Niro taking the test of Ben Stiller.
    Even the plot of a senior family person coming to meet the new found love of the young girl is also quite same as in “Meet The Parents”.
7. Last year’s Hit comedy “All The Best” also had a similar kind of story plot, where an elder person comes to meet the family and then incidentally starts a mistaken identity game leading to more confusions in the house.
So, once again Sajid Khan delivers a mixed kind of spicy dish with scenes and plots inspired from different comedy films of the west. Very interestingly 4 of the above mentioned films have got Ben Stiller in the lead. May be Sajid Khan is a big fan of Ben Stiller and his unique comic timing.
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05 May 2010 / Comments ( 4 )
Antony Michel
You don't mention kadhala kaadhala., regional film.. Both film had almost similar story.,
Bobby Sing

Hi Antony Michel,
Thanks for this valuable info as I was really not aware of this.
But please send me some link where I can either read in details about the storyline or can watch the film with subtitles before adding it in the list.


Daoud Chaudhry

The bedroom scene where akshay sleeps with her brother is coped from guess who asthon kutcher scene at the 34th minute.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Daoud Chaudhry,
Will surely check and add into the article soon.

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