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Road To Sangam (2009) (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama / Historical)
17 Apr, 2011 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

It is really unfortunate when brilliant movies such as ROAD TO SANGAM go unnoticed without making any kind of buzz mainly due to lack of publicity and no Bollywood's over-famous heroes playing the key roles. But if this means a loss for its producers then it is also means a bigger loss for the viewers too, who remain deprived of such must-watch small budget gems due to their own ignorance.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of this new-age classic yet, then let me introduce you to a film which not only has some great actors showcasing their proven skills on the screen, but which is also based on a splendid real life inspired plot which is both exciting as well as enlightening at the same time.

Imagaine a scenario when a person comes to know that even after more than 5 decades of Mahatma Gandhi’s death, a part of his ashes are still lying there in a bank's vault waiting for getting immersed in the holy waters? And then a big national procession has to be planned to take those ashes for their final rituals along with thousands of worshippers of the icon paying their last tributes. That’s the basic idea of ROAD TO SANGAM which is surprisingly based on a true incident of the late nineties when a part of Mahatma’s ashes were actually discovered lying in a bank’s locker.

In real life, Gandhi’s grand-grandson Mr. Tushar Gandhi took legal actions to claim his ancestral heritage and then did the final rituals of immersing those ashes in the Holy Waters. The film starts off with the same news and then the city officials decide to take the ashes in the same 'Ford Car' in which it was earlier taken in 1948. But the scenarion suddently changes when a Muslim mechanic, Hasmat Ullah, is given the job of repairing the old Ford engine and he willingly agrees to do so without knowing its adverse consequences coming ahead.

As the news spreads about the national discovery, the city gets caught in a sudden complex situation of communal hatred affecting the years long relationships between friends and neighborhood. Thankfully, the film directed by Amit Rai, is equally interesting and engaging as suggested by its unusual and well adapted 'unique' storyline. Moreover, the names of many well known artists featuring in it would surely inspire you to go for it at the earliest.

In short, here is a great thought provoking film representing the diverse Indian culture and society, that essentially needs to be seen with all the youngsters in the family as a must. Since its the younger generation, we need to inform and guide about the mistakes made in the past that should never be repeated in the future.

Directed By Amit Rai

Starring : Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Pawan Malhotra, Javed Sheikh and more.

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17 Apr 2011 / Comments ( 5 )

Thats true Bobby......The film with great moments...i personaly liked the film much ...

Bobby Sing

 Yes Saurabh, its sad but really hurts when well made and well intentioned films go un-noticed in such a way.

Sandeep Shrivastava

Great Amit Bhaiya...........(Director - Road To Sangam)
Ek din aap bahut bade director bann jaoge.
waise abhi bhi aap kuch kamm nahi ho............LOL


Amit rai

Thank you Bobby ji for such a honest review, please be in touch.

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit Rai,

Glad to have the director of the movie himself here at my site appreciating my honest views about the same. 
It is indeed a great work done by you and I would be surely be waiting for your next venture soon.

Will also be in touch and please let me know if I can ever be of any use in any of your future projects.

Looking forward to that.

with warm wishes,
Bobby Sing


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