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SHAB - An unimpressive film by Onir made in Madhur Bhandarkar mode. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
19 Jul, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

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Shared below are views - Beyond the initial review with some more interesting insights.
Peeping into the bedroom of rich elite class following a typical Bhandarkar format Onir doesn’t impress with his latest offering SHAB revolving around all clichéd characters and proceedings missing the novelty factor. But the film still has one exclusive feature that wasn’t there in any other film shot in Delhi till date focusing on the changing seasons in it.
Beautifully capturing the different looks of the city (in the four seasons) relating them to the various sequences of the script, SHAB presents Delhi as one of its key characters that definitely gives the film a rare distinctive edge for the interested viewers.
However, I am unable to get why Onir finds necessary to rope in homosexual characters in every single film of his, converting them into some propaganda kind of ventures serving a personal mission. 
So go for it only if you are excited about the sizzling Raveena Tandon or the portrayal of Delhi as a character….. but nothing else.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 

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