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THANK YOU - Movie Review : The apt title of the movie should have been SORRY. (Review By Bobby Sing)
08 Apr, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases

In few words if I am asked to write about THANK YOU then I would say - There must be many young energetic directors working as under-employed or struggling on the roads of Mumbai for their one chance, capable of giving a much better movie than this present one coming from Aneez Bazmee. And why I am very much confident in this statement, that’s because you cannot go more wrong than THANK YOU.

In other words, in this net age of digital entertainment, it’s a shame that our directors and producers still consider 'we viewers' as brain dead, desperate and silly to accept such kind of utter crap. What a waste of precious resources both for the makers and as well as the viewers?
Sometimes I really feel confused that do these actors, directors or producers ever see their own self-made film in the theater before releasing it? And if they really do then Is there nobody who can tell them that what they have actually made and how its going to do at the box office? On second thoughts a film like THANK YOU clearly confirms that the Industry is full of mean and self-concerned persons who would never reveal you the real truth and would only appreciate you and your product at your face.
Content wise, the film has nothing new in the name of a story and is mere an extension of films such as NO ENTRY, PARTNER & MASTI made on the subject of cheating husbands and their escape routes. So it’s indeed very surprising that its whole team of writers and director decided to just repeat the subject and nothing else. In fact the opening few minutes are only ones when you enjoy the most and then the rest purely makes you repent. Besides the last moment addition to the script, where Vidya Balan comes in as a special appearance forces you to think that, “What the hell is happening?”.  
Musically, it’s a very average kind of score from the otherwise good Pritam, which also gets full support from some highly low standard and weird lyrics. Cinematography is nothing above the usual and background score doesn’t give you anything to take notice of itself.
In the acting department, there is only one saving grace of the movie and he is Irfan Khan, who remains the only person who is able to make you laugh at times and that’s it. Other than Irfan the entire cast can easily put this film in the list of their worst choices made. Akshay seriously needs a break which specifically needs to be a more educative one for him where he should learn how to judge a product after having so much experience in the field by his side. I agree you cannot predict or judge a Hit, but you can surely sense a BAD film coming your way without any doubt. Though he looks smart and young in the film doing his role well, but unfortunately that is not enough for the audience who come to the theater with their own set of expectations. Supporting Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty tries very hard and Bobby Deol seems to be completely lost somewhere else.
Among the ladies, it’s the worst film of Sonam till date where she is really looking awful at places with very poor make up and looks. As reported in the news, she very much looks like ill and tired throughout the film. Celina Jaitely is hardly there in the movie but Rimi Sen gives her best to her allotted role. Both Mallika Sherawat in the item number and Vidya Balan in the climax are wasted and the film could have easily been made without their deliberate insertions.
In all, after the end credits role, one starts thinking that the apt title of this film should have been SORRY instead of THANK YOU and I think that explains it all.

Rating : 1 / 5 (And that too for only Irrfan Khan)

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08 Apr 2011 / Comment ( 2 )
Rahul Kalgutkar

I just wanted to know about the flute tone that Akshay Kumar plays all time. I think i have heard it somewhere sometime before. But i cant recall it for some reason. If you don't mind then reply if you know.

Thanks a lot.

P.S: Huge fan of your work. :)

Bobby Sing

Thank Rahul for being a fan of my honest works here.
Regarding the flute tune, I too have something always coming in mind as it gets played but cannot recall it.
Vaguely I remember some kind of tune & lyrics going as 'Ae O Maka Naka, Maka Naka Obara" similar to this tune.

But I will surely let u know the moment I get it.
Till then keep visiting and be in touch.


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