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The song \"Eer Bir Phatte\" in the album \"Aby Baby\" released in 1996 and Amitabh's Hit Film \"Adalat\" (1976) (Did You Know - 29)
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Adalat - Aby Bay - Godfather - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

In 1996, Amitabh Bachchan came up with a unique kind of Pop album having songs in his own voice, which had music by the then hugely famous pioneer music composer Bally Sagoo. Whereas few tracks in the album were versions of Amitabh’s own Hit Film Songs but there were few which were penned by his father the legendary poet Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan. These songs included the famous video track Eer Bir Phatte , Son Machhri and more. The album came on Amitabh’s then newly opened own Audio Company called “BIG B Music”. But since the company is not operational now, so the album remains unavailable for all the fans of the still active immensely popular legendary icon of the Hindi Film Industry.
Now here the interesting link is that fun filled song Eer Bir Phatte, written by Amitabh’s renowned father, also featured in the 1976 released Hindi movie “Adalat” in a small scene.
The film which was also inspired from “THE GODFATHER” (1972) (as clearly indicated in its original poster too) had Amitabh Bachchan in a double role of a father and son. In the start of this film, Amitabh plays a simple and honest villager, who takes the 3 Industrialist visiting the area for hunting in the forest. Now while making the way in the jungle for his 3 guests, Amitabh keeps singing the opening lines of this song “Eer Bir Phatte” in his own comic style.
So next time you catch “Adalat” coming on any of the cable movie channels then just watch out for this particular scene and enjoy!

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