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BAREILLY KI BARFI, SAAJAN (1991) and more similar films. (Articles on Inspired Cinema by Bobby Sing)
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A love triangle where a person requests, hires or sends another person to convey the message/offer or to impress the leading lady, unintentionally creating a love-triangle has been the most favourite clichéd formula of Hindi romantic films since the 50s.
Most recently it was there in SAAJAN (1991), SAPNAY (1997/MINSARA KANAVU in Tamil), YES BOSS (1997) and interestingly even in SANGAM (1964 - One of the most famous Hindi films based on a love-triangle). The same has been adapted for the latest BAREILLY KI BARFI that is officially based upon a French book titled ‘Ingredients of Love’. Ironically even SAAJAN had a plot quite similar to more than a century old French play ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’.
If it all sounds interesting then a detailed account of these films with similar plots can be read at the following article at UCNews by Bobby Sing.
BAREILLY KI BARFI, the cult musical SAAJAN and the typical love triangle in Hindi cinema. 
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