Bobby Talks Cinema Rss Feed All about the Iranian film and NEWTON, that is NOT A COPY. (A revealing analysis by Bobby Sing)
To begin with, it was really an amazing chain of events experienced in the last two days in relation to film NEWTON that had already raised enough curiosity and excitement post its wide appreciation in festivals and an interesting trailer released.
The positive reviews started pouring in from Wednesday onwards and just on its release day, the announcement of the film getting selected as this year’s Indian official entry for the Oscars came with a perfectly amazing timing raising some im

The original script of SIMRAN - A much superior and entertaining read than the dry solo-show released as a film. (A comparison by Bobby Sing)

Adding to the ongoing debate or controversy over the initially submitted draft and the actual film made, SIMRAN’s original script was recently uploaded at and it was really enlightening to find that it was a much better submission in comparison to the final outcome seen on the bigger screen.

Written by Apurva M Asrani, the initial script happens to be much more descriptive, logical and a winner in terms of characterization in particular, focusing more upon the life o

LUCKNOW CENTRAL and its unacceptable absurdities (An overview by Bobby Sing)

As a film based upon and strongly promoted to be a prison-break thriller, LUCKNOW CENTRAL just got the cinematography, art direction and a couple of songs right in its 150 minutes of duration full of many unacceptable absurdities. And it was really a pity since the film had a promising plot and many exceptionally talented actors in the cast too led by Farhan Akhtar, who strangely acts quite casually missing the required pain and aggression of a falsely convicted youth.

A detailed article on i

LUCKNOW CENTRAL - A rare prison break film that isn\'t interested in offering anything logical, thrilling or exciting. (Review By Bobby Sing)

If a film is clearly promoted as a prison break thriller wherein a group of prisoners form a band with a hidden plan to escape before their performance on stage, then one excitingly expects some great entertainment with many intense, engaging sequences. And the expectations grow in many folds when you have names such as Farhan Akhtar, Deepak Dobriyal, Rajesh Sharma, Inaamulhaq, Gippy Grewal (from Punjab), Manav Vij, Virendra Saxena and Ronit Roy in the cast playing the key roles.


PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI - A badly conceived film featuring two veteran actors. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

It’s a known fact that the investors or producers are always more interested in playing their gamble on known faces of the industry instead of the inexperienced new talent waiting for their turn or chance to showcase their fresh, unexplored vision. 

But it’s really a shame when all those reputed names deliver a film like PATEL KI PUNJABI SHAADI that is nothing more than a hurriedly and poorly made project without anything concrete on paper as a good storyline or script. In other words, it certainly s

SIMRAN - A likable lead act minus a strong supporting cast and songs fails to create any magic resulting in an average film. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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SIMRAN (2017) inspired from SANDEEP KAUR, the NRI bank robber in America arrested in 2015.

After running a successful publicity campaign beginning from AAP KI ADALAT to a desperate bold song made with AIB team, Kangna Ranuat is now having a ‘do or die’ kind of Friday with her SIMRAN revolving around a free spirited Gujarati girl going for bank robberies.

But not many know that its basic storyline is inspired from a recent NRI bank robber SANDEEP KAUR who successfully robbed four banks in America before getting caught in

KARMA (Tamil/2015) (Movies To See Before You Die - Suspense/Mystery)

Indian regional language cinema delivers another path-breaking milestone as KARMA, a suspense mystery drama that amazes you both with its content and execution together, along with becoming the first Tamil movie to release directly online without any theatrical release.

And why it is considered to be an exceptional, path-breaking experimental movie?

That’s because it’s a murder-suspense/mystery based on a police interrogation shot in just a single room with only two peop

MUGHAL-E-AZAM in Delhi - A not to be missed extraordinary cinematic expression presented LIVE on stage. (An overview by Bobby Sing)
Originally written as a play by Imtiaz Ali and first conceived as a film by the visionary K.Asif in the mid-40s, MUGHAL-E-AZAM once again returns to stage after seven decades as a grand adaptation of the epic film in a new-age avatar superbly visualised and directed by Feroz Abbas Khan. And believe me, this is something you have never seen before on an Indian stage till date providing an unbelievable kind of incredible grand experience.

POSTER BOYS - Occasionally funny with all likable lead performances including the best coming from the debutant director himself. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
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DADDY - It comes too late with everything already seen before in numerous movies. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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BAADSHAHO - A supposedly heist movie that forgets focusing on the heist. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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JORA 10 NUMBARIA (Punjabi) - A familiar, cliched theme with cinematic moments and dialogues, indicating a promising Punjabi director in the making. (A personal letter-cum-Review by Bobby Sing)

Though the latest Punjabi release titled JORA 10 NUMBARIA has a theme you have already seen several times before in Hindi cinema in many RGV and Anurag Kashyap films. But it still isn’t any usual or routine project for a major reason, you might not find mentioned in any other review written all over the web and print media. Therefore consider this as a revealing, insightful personal letter/write-up much more than just a regular review written for a new Punjabi release.


SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN - Carefully toned down, fair remake of a path-breaking original. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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SNIFF - Amole once again excels with kids in a flawed yet fresh, children detective film. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
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The immensely blessed Saira Banu and the amazing love story of SAIRA-DILIP. (A loving share by Bobby Sing)

The initial article titled,

“Probably the most blessed lady in our tinseltown - SAIRA BANU” 
- by Bobby Sing 

can be read at the following link @ UCNews
Taking it further,
for a moment just think about a young girl who began

BAREILLY KI BARFI, SAAJAN (1991) and more similar films. (Articles on Inspired Cinema by Bobby Sing)
A love triangle where a person requests, hires or sends another person to convey the message/offer or to impress the leading lady, unintentionally creating a love-triangle has been the most favourite clichéd formula of Hindi romantic films since the 50s.
Most recently it was there in SAAJAN (1991), SAPNAY (1997/MINSARA KANAVU in Tamil), YES BOSS (1997) and interestingly even in SANGAM (1964 - One of the most famous Hin

BAREILLY KI BARFI - A repetitive, average rom-com saved by its performances. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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TOILET Ek Prem Katha - A film that remains trapped in the dilemma of being a PR project for a cause and an entertaining Hindi film. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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VEKH BARAATAN CHALLIYAN (Punjabi) - Do join in the unique wedding celebrations and have a good time in the theater. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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JAB HARRY MET SEJAL - It\'s better to fail in an experiment than to disappoint so badly with such a soulless film. (Beyond The Review By Bobby Sing)

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MUBARAKAN - Its like a Rajshri family drama made in a typical Bazmee style in Punjabi. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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RAAG DESH - An exclusive and enlightening film on INA and a lesser-known court trial of its three officers. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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INDU SARKAR - Timely as well as too careful exploitation of the subject results in a plain average film. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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SIKH lead characters all over Hindi Cinema like never before. (Extended Article by Bobby Sing)

The detailed article “One Friday - Three Hindi Films – And they all have key Sikh characters in their narrative” by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.

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HAWA HAWA - Hassan Jahangir\'s original album that became an instant hit in India in 1989. (Extended Article by Bobby Sing)

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THE BLACK PRINCE - Shabana shines in this slow paced yet important documentation of a lesser-known historical chapter. (Beyond The Review By Bobby Sing)

The detailed review of THE BLACK PRINCE by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.

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MUNNA MICHAEL - They neither respect, pay or try new talented writers nor stop making films on the same old rotten plots. (Beyond The Review By Bobby Sing)

The detailed review of MUNNA MICHAEL by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.


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LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA - Another version of PARCHED that successfully entertains the viewers through its mature content, cleverly served in the name of women empowerment. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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SHAB - An unimpressive film by Onir made in Madhur Bhandarkar mode. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

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JAGGA JASOOS - An innovative, path-breaking attempt that could have been a game-changer in a better version. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)
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CHANNA MEREYA (Punjabi) - Though having nothing new as a plot, it still remains a sincere remake of SAIRAT with some notable merits. (Detailed Review By Bobby Sing)
A brief review of CHANNA MEREYA (Punjabi) by Bobby Sing was published in Mumbai’s reputed newspaper MID-DAY and can be read at the following link.<

MOM - Despite a repetitive, predictable subject & flaws, it still scores well due to its polished execution and all emotionally charged acts led by Sridevi. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

The detailed review of MOM by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.

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GUEST IIN LONDON - An unrequired, unofficial remake with an emotionally moving climax that should have been a part of a better film. (Review By Bobby Sing)

A director remaking his own film after a few years has quite a few examples in Hindi Cinema with the most famous being Mehboob Khan remaking his AURAT (1940) as MOTHER INDIA (1947). These are the instances wherein either the director wished to convey something powerful, readdressing it in a more important and refined remake or he intended to repeat the earlier success of a film after a decade or so just to have another hit in his name.


SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING - This time we have a much better fun filled, campus film with a few exciting highlights. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

Unlike the last few films in the series, the present Spider-Man reboot at last brings backs the fond memories beginning with the famous cult track and then moving back to the campus introducing a Peter Parker who neither is any journalist nor has any mysterious persona of a superhero in the making. The narration takes it time to grow but then does manage to bring in the excitement through some fresh entertaining insertions without any cluster of sub-plots as a much better, funny and enjoyable film (compared to the earlier se

BABY DRIVER (English) - Less explosive than expected, but does have many exciting electrifying moments as a rare musical crime thriller. So do watch it! (Review By Bobby Sing)

The film’s well edited trailer with pulsating music, execution and attitude really filled me with excitement. And the film largely turned out to be the same with a little less explosive than expected in its prominently displayed ‘heist’ angle.

In simple words, if you love watching high paced action thrillers equipped with foot tapping musical score majorly focusing on road-chase sequences (like MAD MAX: FURY ROAD) then this is just for you. Edgar Wright’s urban

PHULLU - The first gutsy Hindi film on the subject of women\'s menstrual cycle and the importance of \'Sanitary Pads\', that sadly fails to become a path breaking eye-opener. (Review By Bobby Sing)
It’s both sad and ironical that the film which was made with a worth praising intention of educating the young and old was given an A certificate by the Censor Board since it talked about women’s menstrual cycle and the importance of sanitary pads ensuring their healthy growth. The film was in news for this very reason but still could get only a few shows in some selected cities, further limiting its reach missing the target audience.
At the same time, another unfortunate fact remains that though

SUPER SINGH (Punjabi) - A strictly routine and forced religious propaganda kind of superhero film from Anurag & Diljit. (Beyond The Review by Bobby Sing)

The detailed review of SUPER SINGH (Punjabi) by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.

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AARANYA KAANDAM (2011/Tamil) - A must watch gangster thriller for its technical excellence and execution following the cult PULP FICTION genre. (Review by Bobby Sing)

 A critically acclaimed, award winning dark thriller, AARANYA KAANDAM is a must watch film for the lovers of ‘new-age experimental cinema’ for more than one solid reasons as shared below.

1. Widely appreciated its considered to be the first new-noir (modern dark crime thrillers) in Tamil Cinema, breaking new grounds in film-making with its unique treatment.
2. The title AARANYA KAANDAM is named on one specific chapter of the epic RAMAYANA

BANK CHOR - Another of those casual filler projects made for the constant supply to the multiplexes apart from the timely biggies. (Beyond The Review By Bobby Sing)

The detailed review of BANK CHOR by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal. 

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TUBELIGHT - Not a typical Salman entertainer, but a one-time watch war-drama giving an important message. (Beyond The Review By Bobby Sing)

The detailed review of TUBELIGHT by Bobby Sing can be read at the following link @UCNews app/portal.

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BEHEN HOGI TERI - Just manages to be an above average one time watch, but could have been much better & entertaining. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Beginning with its strong merits, there was a lot of potential in this project with a near-perfect real life settings, charming local flavor of Lucknow, the sweet & sour relationships with the neighbors, small time fights within the families, the local old-age goons and all immensely relatable characters apart from an interestingly chosen title as BEHEN HOGI TERI. Yes, for many, the title might be an objectionable sexist one, but the truth remains that it is a very commonly used phrase by the young school-college going b

RAABTA - A weirdly made film offering a mix of cliched, likable & boring moments in the first half and almost nothing in the second. (Review By Bobby Sing)

There have been many films in the past dealing with reincarnation of lovers meeting in the present recalling their earlier lives and its events resulting in an engrossing watch. These films include classics as well as above average and mediocre movies too made by some reputed names. But RAABTA unarguably can be rated as the most uninteresting, ridiculous and weirdly made film in this specific genre with several factors contributing in its overall poor depiction with an otherwise decent cast.

The interesting link between Prithviraj Kapoor, Ramsay Brothers and the first committed Horror Film in India - By Bobby Sing (Did You Known - 91)
Till the early 70s, the horror genre in Indian talkies was actually without any scary figures or bloodshed with its main focus on a frightening suspense or mystery with a pinch of horror and even comedy seen in films such as Mahal (1949), Madhumati (1958), Bees Saal Baad (1962), Kohra (1964), Woh Kaun Thi (1964), Bhoot Bangla (1965), Gumnaam (1965), Anita (1967), Ek Paheli (1971)

A DEATH IN THE GUNJ (English-Hindi) - An excellent directorial debut by Konkona, presenting a well-crafted film with a fabulous cast ensemble and subject. (Review By Bobby Sing)
To begin with, though this features a talented cast ensemble from the Hindi film industry, it still cannot be considered as a part of the mainstream commercial cinema as the film is almost entirely in English and has a treatment or pace not really enjoyable for the ones looking for their routine Hindi film entertainment. So this is unarguably for the niche audience more interested in some fresh or novel content irrespective of the language its characters choose to interact in. And if you are one among those, then here is a film offering yo

DEAR MAYA - Cinema means \'New Untold Stories\' and this beautifully fulfills the requirement with two bright young girls and a charming Manisha. (Review by Bobby Sing)

In the late 80s and mid-90s, our TV content used to be so rich, enlightening us with novel stories in serials such as KATHA SAGAR, DARPAN, RISHTEY, EK KAHANI, YULE LOVE STORIES and later STAR BESTSELLERS too. DEAR MAYA took me back in those days through its novel storyline full of love and warmth and that’s indeed like a fresh cool breeze in the current repetitive storytelling format of Hindi cinema. 

Without revealing much about its basic theme, DEAR MAYA is about a myste

MIRROR GAME (Hindi-English) - An interesting attempt but not exciting & engaging enough, confusingly made for two distinctive kinds of audience using a mixed lingo. (Review By Bobby Sing)

As the debut venture of writer-director Vijit Sharma, this can frankly be rated as a decent first time attempt dealing with a complex subject of Schizophrenia and Multiple Personality Disorder conceived in an unconventional format without any interval or any typical song and dance numbers (usually seen in such type of mystery-crime-thrillers).

But unfortunately that remains the only merit of MIRROR GAME, as otherwise it isn’t any highly engaging or exciting psychological mystery that brings you onto th

DOBAARA - Why they are so keen to serve westernized horror to the audience desperately waiting for the entertaining Indian horror? (Review by Bobby Sing)

Having seen OCULUS (2013), which is not any exceptional English horror flick, I was really in doubt when I heard that they are going for an official remake of the same as the latest Hindi horror film, making a big mistake. Still I thought that probably they would present it giving an Indian twist, focusing on the mirror as some kind of “Shaapit (Cursed)” object by an evil spirit having a past, adding the much required thrill to the project recalling the Ramsay movies made on the similar pattern.

But sadly the makers do no

JEKHANE BHOOTER BHOY (Bengali/2012) - An above average mystery-horror film made on three interesting ghost stories by Satyajit Ray and Sharadindu Bondopadhyay. (An overview By Bobby Sing)

Not a horror film in the real sense, this can be referred as a fine watch for the teenagers and the adults too if they just want to have some fun along with some spooky moments.
Directed by Sandip Ray, the title JEKHANE BHOOTER BHOY means ‘Where there is a fear of ghosts’ and it features three of the best short ghost stories selected from the works of the renowned Satyajit Ray and Sharadindu Bondopadhyay (the writer/creator of the

SAAB BAHADAR (Punjabi) - A courageous attempt based on a decent mystery that sadly gets lost in an unexciting story progression and a loud background score. (Review By Bobby Sing)
The biggest merit of SAAB BAHADAR as a new Punjabi film is that it courageously tries to make a breakthrough in the set patterns of Punjabi cinema insanely followed by both the viewers as well as the makers since its revival in the year 2012. 
Coming up as the first mystery thriller or a ‘who-dun-it’ Punjabi film to be precise, SAAB BAHADAR makes a pretty decent attempt to win over the viewers with its fresh content strongly reminding you of the cases solved by Sherlo

SACHIN: A Billion Dreams (Documentary) - A rare biographical narration by the legend himself wherein he thoughtfully talks about his struggles and failures more than the unbelievable triumphs achieved. (Review by Bobby Sing)
Before the release of this much awaited documentary on the life of Sachin Tendulkar, almost everyone was disappointed watching the poor trailers, once again appearing to be of a film glorifying the image of the most successful Indian sports icon of the last three decades. Films like AZHAR and DHONI were already there made on the obvious (glossy) format hiding many relevant facts and SACHIN almost looked like the same despite being promoted with all real-life clippings.

HINDI MEDIUM - Perfectly presenting the trauma of Nursery Admissions, its a must watch film that teaches a lot about life and the right way of living too. (Review By Bobby Sing)
It’s extremely difficult to conceive a film that happens to be a meaningful social drama, an enjoyable comedy and a sharp satire on the system all together. Thankfully HINDI MEDIUM turns out to be a rare film of this kind addressing a burning social issue of Nursery admissions in all reputed private schools of Delhi, presented in a highly entertaining as well as thought provoking manner featuring three outstanding performances not to be missed.
Yes, the film has its own share of shortco

HALF GIRLFRIEND - Only the language marginally works in an otherwise boring, beaten to death & foolish story progression. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Yet another film based on a novel of Chetan Bhagat, if this really is a faithful adaptation of the published content, then no doubt mediocrity is in the air and selling too, creating new questionable standards both for the market and our society in the new millennium.

The reason for the above statement lies in the fact that the weirdly titled HALF GIRLFRIEND offers nothing new or fresh except the Bihari language dialogues in its first 45 minutes, before moving on to the same old boring and beaten to death twist tak

LAHORIYE (Punjabi) - A mixed bag of simple, sweet emotions with a better second half but based on an unevenly stretched, hard to believe plot yet again revolving around a wedding. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Coming to the point right away, LAHORIYE might not be a classic realistic film, but it’s indeed an emotionally entertaining and musically rich venture offering you a decent return of your time and money spent, along with transporting you into a positive fantasy world portraying a friendly political relationship between India and Pakistan.

However, you need to allow one major creative freedom taken by the writer-director Amberdeep in his debut directorial project, otherwise

SARKAR 3 - Neither the bottle is new here nor the wine served and its also not the case of \'the older-the better\'. Strictly Avoidable! (Review By Bobby Sing)

Once trendsetter director Ram Gopal Varma was written off and declared finished by many reputed film reviewers and trade analysts long back. But I always believed he still had a few probable aces left in his sleeve as a sequel of BHOOT, SARKAR and a remake of one of his recent regional successes to be honest.
Unfortunately BHOOT RETURNS came in 2012 and it didn’t work.
VEERAPPAN (the remake of RGV’s hit KILLING VEERAPPAN) came in 2016

MERI PYAARI BINDU - Another casual (read boring) filler project just made to feed the multiplexes for their next few days or a week. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Long back I mentioned a term as Filler Projects or Feeder Movies in the present commercial world of Hindi Cinema in my reviews. Explaining it again in short, the term can be used for all the quickie projects made just to fulfill the continuous requirement of exhibitors (multiplex chains) who cannot really survive without multiple constant releases delivered every week. In other words these posh multiplexes desperately need ‘New Releases’ coming each and every Friday to bring in the (high paying) weekend footfall and the big produ

MANTOSTAAN - The brutal essence of the stories gets completely lost in the ineffective adaptations. (Review By Bobby Sing)

If there is a film released on the famous short stories of Saadat Hassan MANTO, then I need to be there even if it is being shown more than 30 kms away from my home at a high end multiplex involving a whooping cost of around 400+ rupees, once again pointing towards the faulty exhibition system in our country.
Though unfortunately the aptly titled MANTOSTAAN falls way short of the original shocking impact of MANTO’s short stories, but honestly I cannot get how the exhibitors can even exp

One of my most blessed moments meeting Sh. Gopaldas Neeraj. (Those Cherished Moments - 3) By Bobby Sing
Friendly readers of BTC must have noticed by now that I rarely share any pictures with the blessed masters considering them as a personal treasure close to my heart. But the truth is that I rarely get those clicked and mostly forget or choose not to click such pictures respecting my beloved idols.
However today I am sharing one of those rare ones after a loving early morning call received from Dr. Kamal Kant, who inspired me to do so, re-introducing the maestro still active in his early 90s to all young frien

"Main Woh Bala Hun Jo Sheeshey Se Patthar Ko Torh Dun" - The famous dialogue was surprisingly said by a writer-actor-director in the 60s. - By Bobby Sing (Did You Know - 90)
At times or rather more often it’s the one liners given to a villain that become hugely famous among the public like the iconic dialogues of Gabbar Singh in the cult SHOLAY, Lion in the trendsetting ZANZEER, Mogambo in the all-time entertainer MR. INDIA and many more.
However in this unique instance, the said shady dialogue was not rendered by Prem Chopra for the very first time in a film as per the common bel

Dharmendra as a driver, in a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film before CHUPKE CHUPKE - by Bobby Sing (Did You Know - 89)
Reading the heading, one would straight away recall Dharmendra’s fabulous comic act in Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s classic comedy CHUPKE CHUPKE released in 1975. Dressed in a white attire with a driver’s cap pretending to be an amateur learner of English, Dharmendra delivered one of his career best performances in the film and had an outstanding support coming from Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan, Om Prakash, Jaya Bhaduri, Asrani, Keshto Mukherjee a

MAATR - A noble intentioned but crudely weak and strangely uncaring revenge saga pointing towards a sickening social curse, that was much impactfully presented in Raveena\'s JAAGO (2004). (Review by Bobby Sing)
If the chosen subject is the only thing that matters, then one can go on giving as many stars and ratings to MAATR for its theme, yet again trying to raise a timely social alarm with all noble intensions. However if you are supposed to rate it as a film then it strangely turns out to be so weak, which was certainly not expected considering the pre-release hype created by the ‘censor banning’ issue.
Yes, MAATR might have gone through some heavy questionable editing instructed by th

BAHUBALI 2 - It delivers larger than life cinema as a solid prequel & conclusion but the excellence seen in the final hour of its original remains missing. (Review by Bobby Sing)
It’s difficult to write an honest critique of a gigantic attempt like BAHUBALI 2 as a writer/reviewer actually stands nowhere in comparison to the efforts put in by the entire talented team in front and behind the curtain. But then every filmmaker and his team always puts in best of their efforts irrespective of the magnitude or names and the final product needs to be reviewed in all honestly respecting the hard work done. So let me try to review this major trendsetting sequel to the best of my ability.

MIRZA JUULIET - One of those strictly avoidable films that make you wonder why they got made and for whom? (Review By Bobby Sing)
You got to be exceptionally brilliant having a few appreciable love songs in the package, if you are once again presenting the same old formulaic lo

LAALI KI SHAADI MEIN LAADDOO DEEWANA - Stay away from this marriage and its tiring absurdity. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

 Normally a director should and they mostly do take care of the first 10-15 minutes of the film in particular, as they play a very crucial role in winning over the viewers and the film’s overall performance. Therefore you seldom get to see a film that puts you off within its first 10 minutes itself and you clearly know that it’s not going to be an easy watch at all giving you a real tough time.

MUKTI BHAWAN (Hotel Salvation) - Could have been a classic, but surely deserves to be seen for its subject, performances and Varanasi in particular. (Review by Bobby Sing)


Aptly titled MUKTI BHAWAN, this is a rare, exceptional film for three specific reasons.

BEGUM JAAN (Hindi) / RAJKAHINI (Bengali) - Benegal\'s MANDI meets Manto\'s TOBA TEK SINGH and Mehta\'s MIRCH MASALA in this bold but over dramatic effort, sadly remaining too bland to be called an epic despite its noble intentions. (An overview by Bobby Sing)

Honestly I am not too keen to write a detailed review of these films as I have something much more important to share triggered by the films only, (both) written and directed by Srijit Mukherji, amalgamating some classic works of the past by the renowned maestros. At least for me its extremely important t

The last 2 shows at REGAL and the one man behind the event, nobody knows about. (A detailed emotional and technical description by Bobby Sing)

In the last few weeks you might have read numerous articles on REGAL, its history of being a prestigious venue for Hindi cinema in the golden era and its last two shows running MERA NAAM JOKER and SANGAM, honouring its warm relationship with the Kapoors, especially Raj Kapoor. But in the next few pages, I would try to give you the inner story behind the ‘Final Day Mela’ and a detailed emotional and technical description of

NOOR - What a confused and lazy way to make a crime investigative thriller with neither thrills nor any investigations ending on a weird note. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Just like the lead character of their script, both the writer and director of NOOR seem to be equally confused about what kind of film they wished to make or of what genre? And in case this is exactly the story of the book/novel the film is based upon (Saba Imtiaz\'s “Karachi, You\'re Killin Me&rd

MANJE BISTRE (Punjabi) - It seems Punjabi Cinema is now stuck with period dramas focusing on a 'Vyah Wala Ghar' as their latest repetitive obsession. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Post the thought provoking, experimental debut as a writer-director in ARDAAS (2016), I was really interested to see what would be the second venture of the team Gippy Grewal, Baljit Singh Deo, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Rana Ranbir together, since ARDAAS showed the glimpses of a rare courage in Punjabi Cinema to present something different and meaningful taking a big risk.

FAST & FURIOUS 8 - Partially enjoyable, but strictly for the fans loving the action genre. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

The eighth addition in the series titled THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS aka FAST & FURIOUS 8 features Charlize Theron as an evil cyber terrorist taking everyone else for a ride, without even driving ever in the film operating from her digital den. The story yet again talks about a certain gadget/machine that can put off the electricity of an entire city and more nuclear codes too, re-activating a frozen submarine in its explosive climax.

Directed by Gary Gray, though the f

When my Career Consultancy didn\'t work for a few strangely concerned parents - by Bobby Sing (Few Life Inspiring Words - 23)

A few years back, I was invited by a friend for a ‘Career Consultancy Fair’ in a school, with a duty to take up a stall solving the queries of parents and students regarding their choice of careers.
The fair began at 10 am and around 1 pm before the lunch my organizer friend quietly came and politely said, “Bhai, Lets go for a round and another person will take care of your seat meeting the parents.” 
I readily walked away with him a

RABB DA RADIO (Punjabi) - One really loves watching this simple, sweet and emotional family drama on the big screen as the small screen has completely ruined this specific genre emphasizing on snakes, ghosts, crime and comedy quite ridiculously. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Coming straight to the point, RABB DA RADIO hasn\'t got anything novel in its concept or storyline, particularly for the viewers who have actively witnessed the cinema in the decades of 70s and 80s. The film is all about the good old emotional drama focusing on the family divisions with useful insertions of celebrations, romance, music, humour and spirited moments in the climax heading towards a happy ending.

A physical wall dividing two families is sure to remind you of several key films of that particular era and the vamps c

MACHINE - Strange, they chose such an outdated and awful script for a crucial launch. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Just when the debate of Nepotism (preference to family and known people) was all over in the news, releases MACHINE, the debut film of Mustafa Burmawalla, son of Abbas Burmawalla (from the famous director duo

A DOG'S PURPOSE (English) - A sweet, lovable & innovative film teaching the value of fun and living in the moment from a dog's perspective. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Director Lasse Hallstrom gave us a gem of a movie called HACHI (included in Movies To See Before You Die list at BTC) based on an unbelievably amazing real life story of a blessed dog (released in 2009) and he is back with another fictional lovable movie on the various lives of a dog again, after a gap of eight years as A DOG’S PURPOSE.

Sharing a personal truth, I watched HACHI many years back when my own adorable Labrador SUFI was alive and now I have watched A DOG’s PURPOSE when he is no more wit

POORNA - More than the film, it's the real life achievement of the kids that fills you with amazement, joy and proud all together. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Beginning with due respect towards the makers and their noble intentions backing this unbelievable underdog story of the interiors, POORNA isn’t any classic, masterpiece film in technical or cinematic terms to be very honest. It’s a simple, inspiring and intelligently made film within the limited budgets, which more focuses on the story behind the (record making) expedition, instead of the expedition itself giving you a fair idea. So just don’t misunderstand the film as any exciting adventure movie entirely focusing on the

ANAARKALI OF AARAH - You praised Amitabh teaching the meaning of a woman\'s NO in the court, now praise Swara doing the same in a differently authentic manner. (Review By Bobby Sing)

You must have heard about the drastically fallen standard of ‘Bhojpuri films and music’, its vulgar, double meaning songs and their hugely hit status in the market putting a big question mark on the standard or mindsets of the writers, performers, music companies and the public supporting the act altogether.

PHILLAURI - It\'s a confusingly conceived Punjabi film made in Hindi, based on an interesting but inspired idea with the only merit being its emotional climax. (Review By Bobby Sing)

It hurts when a very fine potential idea goes wrong due to various reasons and PHILLAURI exactly makes you feel the same, even though its basic plot has been actually blatantly borrowed or lifted from a foreign source.

NAAM SHABANA - It makes you feel sorry for the talented Tapsee who had to blindly trust the big names behind such unexpectedly mediocre conception of a potential idea. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Just one scene, spiritedly fighting a terrorist in the hotel room of Kathmandu in her film BABY got applauded by almost every viewer and reviewer back in 2015, and the makers interestingly thought of coming up with a spin-off, focusing on the much appreciated character in the form of NAAM SHABANA. A great potential idea indeed for both Tapsee Pannu (as the lead) and the viewers expecting an action packed, exciting thriller from the team led by Neeraj Pandey. But I wish it wa

KONG SKULL ISLAND (English) - Though lacks an emotional pull and the original charm, it's still an incredibly made entertaining comic-book adventure to be experienced in a well-equipped theater. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Kong Skull IslandTo begin with, there can be no comparison drawn with the epic adventure KING KONG re-introducing the likeable monster in 2005, and the film simply remains a highly recommended class apart, a

BADRINATH KI DULHANIA - A unique case of the makers returning with the same lead pair, a similar title, identical looks and the same old premise of a wedding, mocking at the viewers patience & choice. (Review by Bobby Sing)

This is an unique case indeed, as writer-director Shashank Khaitan debuted with HUMPTY SHARMA KI DULHANIA in 2014 (an upgraded version of DDLJ) and now comes up with BADRINATH KI DULHANIA in 2017 as his second film with the sa

TRAPPED - Post an unconvincing start, it fairly keeps you engaged as a praise-worthy off-beat attempt featuring an impressive solo act and some notable merits. (Review By Bobby Sing)

With films like UDAAN (included in BTC’s Movies To See Before You Die List) and LOOTERA (a slow, off-beat romantic drama) to his credit, Vikramaditya Motwane is certainly a director who wishes t

AA GAYA HERO - A perfect film to be discussed and enjoyed in the famous FB group 'I Love Trashy Hindi Movies'. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Beginning with a sincere confession, its painful to write such disappointing tagline for a film featuring Govinda in the lead, whom I have been a fan of since the 90s and still consider as one of the finest all-rounder talent of Hindi cinema with an impeccable comic timing, dancing skills, emotional depth and an immensely relatab

LION (English/2016) - An emotionally uplifting film which once again depicts INDIA in a bad light and we know the westerners do have a fascination for such dark representation of our country since decades. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Starting with the praises, LION is sure to make you shed some heartfelt tears both in the beginning as well as in the end witnessing a lost son meeting his mother post 25 long years with the help of the new technological development of Google Earth.

COMMANDO 2 - Focusing on suspense instead of action, Vidyut gets no support in this poor and so casually conceived film unfortunately. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Following the current blind trend, we once again have a ‘not required’ sequel of a ‘not so successful’ film as COMMANDO -2, four years post its original (released in 2013). And in all probabilities this is a c

RUNNING SHAADI - An average light hearted (Punjab based) film led by Tapsee Pannu, which you are sure going to enjoy watching on a TV channel instead of the costly multiplex. (Review By Bobby Sing)

Waiting for its release since last few years, though RUNNING SHAADI (earlier titled as RUNNING SHAADI.COM) is yet another light hearted romantic comedy based on Punjab and Punjabi characters following a typical format, yet it isn’t any bad or an awful movie to be honest giving its deserving due.

RANGOON - Well shot, designed & performed but a dialogue in the film itself says, \"Public SHOT nahin, FILM dekhti hai\". (Review by Bobby Sing)

The name Vishal Bhardwaj ensures one thing in his films and that’s the technical excellence in his craft along with a worth noticing background score and some seriously intense performances (including the well-chosen supporting cast).

IRADA - A strictly average but shocking real life inspired film, bravely revealing another brutal truth of Punjab, also reminding you of Julia Robert's classic ERIN BROCKOVICH. (Review By Bobby Sing)

There is much to know about Punjab beyond politics, crime and drugs and the makers of IRADA at least gather some courage to make a film on the same revolving around a key city of the state featuring an interesting cast.

THE GHAZI ATTACK - Ignoring the filmy touches, it largely remains a rare and delightful focused war movie featuring a talented cast ensemble that deserves to be given a chance for sure. (Review by Bobby Sing)

\"TheHindi Cinema has rarely dared to give us a realistic war movie that can be largely praised for its impressive onscreen portrayal. Moreover an underwater war movie has actually never been there before

LOGAN (English/Hindi) - You will make faces, tighten your fists and do several things going through this brutal, cold blooded must watch thriller for sure. (Review by Bobby Sing)

\"Logan\"Hugh Jackman, more fondly known as the face of X-Men character

ANUPAMA (1967) - Its touching emotional climax and DDLJ - By Bobby Sing

For a moment sample this final (iconic) scene of a film where the hero has reached a railway platform and the train is scheduled to leave in a few minutes. He is eagerly waiting for the heroine to be there any moment, making her final decision to board the train accepting his loving proposal. And the girl needs to do the same revolting from her family, particularly the unsupportive, harsh father disapproving their warm relationship.

JOLLY LLB 2 - The second half turns it into a fairly entertaining above average film taking too many creative liberties, crossing the limits of respect and logic in its court room sequences. (Review By Bobby Sing)

I was in Mumbai with a producer friend of mine from the Punjabi music industry on the day JOLLY LLB got released in 2013. And when I woke up early to catch a morning show of the film, my friend was not amused and tried to stop me from going, expecting nothing from such lesser known and non-starcast film as usual. On my re

KUNG FU YOGA (English/Hindi) - Just fast paced action, eye-catching visuals, stunning girls, a little fun and no yoga results in a hugely disappointing film. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Jackie Chan was my first childhood hero (beyond Hindi films) since the 80s, and it’s really great to see him playing the lead, performing unbelievable stunts even after almost four long decades at the age of 60+.

QATL (1986) took it all from IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (TV Film/1971), but the two still have their own distinctive culminations deserving an equal applause. - A revealing overview by Bobby Sing.

As a lesser-discussed and largely forgotten but ‘well-made’ Hindi crime thriller, QATL was released in 1986 post the sudden demise of one of the most gifted performers of Indian cinema Sanjeev Kumar and thus was dedicated to the legend too as respectfully mentioned in the very first slide of the film’s op

KAABIL - Watch it just for the impressive blind acts and an emotionally likeable first hour, as you already know about the rest, unexpectedly conceived in a twist-less filmy manner. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Beginning with an undeniable fact, there was nothing you didn’t know about KAABIL before its official release as the promotion clearly revealed it all displaying a solid confidence and now the only excitement left was in witnessing Hrithik’s blind act and the way he takes the revenge killing the ruthless rapists.

RAEES - Shockingly strictly routine with the only enjoyable merit being the Shah Rukh-Nawaz clash. (Review By Bobby Sing)

SRK or the King Khan as he is popularly known, certainly has some serious issues with his films since MY NAME IS KHAN released in 2010. At times it’s an old subject that becomes the problem but most of the times it’s the script and the writing which bru

KHAIDI NO. 150 (Telugu) - A power-packed comeback film from the BOSS, bringing forward three socially relevant issues along with the typical entertaining format of a double role. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Chiranjeevi (The Boss) is back in style and though he hasn’t got anything new to offer in terms of the basic plot, the veteran still successfully manages to provide the much awaited masala entertainment

SARVANN (Punjabi) - Didn\'t expect such a weak and irresponsible film from a talented team, poorly mixing the elements of Rajesh Khanna\'s ROTI and DUSHMAN. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Before talking about the film, would like to mention the exclusive features of this project raising the expectations of both the viewers as well as the Punjabi Film Industry considering it as their much awaited gateway.

COFFEE WITH D - Another inspired but interesting idea gets lost in a confused and faulty execution. (Review by Bobby Sing)

It’s more exciting to watch a film you know nothing about in comparison to a much talked about and publicized mega venture. But it’s also really disappointing when it turns out to be just another inspired film based on an interesting idea that eventually becomes a victim of a largely confused, tacky and faulty execution.

OK JAANU - If only two good-looking faces are all you are looking for in a supposedly new-age love story. (Review by Bobby Sing)

OK JAANU is the second official remake of a Maniratnam film by director Shaad Ali (post SAATHIYA/2002) that unfortunately fails to generate any kind of excitement, passion or love amongst its viewers, especially the youngsters

HARAAMKHOR - It\'s not just the leading actors but the two kids who actually save this film from becoming a tough watch. (Review by Bobby Sing)

Addressing an important ‘under-carpet’ issue, HARAAMKHOR is unarguably a commendable debut in terms of creating an authentic environment and extracting brilliant performances from the well-chosen cast by the writer-director Shlok Sharma.