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NIKKA ZAILDAR (Punjabi) - Go for this Hrishikesh Mukherjee kind of clean family comedy drama featuring Nirmal Rishi in a terrific form bringing the house down. (Review by Bobby Sing)
02 Oct, 2016 | Movie Reviews / 2016 Releases

Nikka-ZaildarIn my earlier reviews of Punjabi films, I have repeatedly mentioned that comedy in Punjabi cinema largely or rather entirely depends upon the dialogues and verbal interactions between its various characters instead of any slapstick kind of humour or situational comedy as seen in Hindi Cinema. The fact can be easily confirmed watching the hits comedies of the recent years and NIKKA ZAILDAR becomes the latest example of the same turning out to be a clear winner especially for its exceptionally written dialogues rendered brilliantly.
As a pleasant surprise, the real hero of NIKKA ZAILDAR is not Ammy Virk as assumed but it’s the veteran Nirmal Rishi who is back with a big bang reminding you of her good old days of LAUNG DA LISHKARA in the mid-80s. Though she did have small interesting roles in many recent films too, but in NIKKA ZAILDAR she just nails it to perfection and you cannot even think of the film spelling a similar magic without her powerful screen presence, impeccable style of dialogue delivery and amazing comic timing.
Based on a simple, predictable story plot once again based on the concept of mixed-up identities and misunderstandings (as seen in many previous Punjabi films), NIKKA ZAILDAR actually emerges as a triumph due to its impressive execution taking you back in the era of Hrishikesh Mukherjeee films, which certainly needs to be taken as a big compliment for the makers particularly in Punjabi cinema.
Beginning with the usual introductions and romantic songs, the film gains momentum once Nirmal Rishi comes into action as the grandmother of Ammy Virk interacting with ‘the fake middleman’ played by Karamjit Anmol. And from onwards you have an immensely enjoyable ride with the lady bringing the house down right till the final sequence. Despite moving around the same backdrops and limited characters, the film never tends to move into a monotonous zone because of all enjoyable sequences and extremely well written lines coming one after another along with some good catchy songs like the already hit “Mini Cooper Lai Doonga” & more. Interestingly apart from the guns, girls and court cases the other most common feature of our current Punjabi songs is the mention of these lavish high-end cars and their brand names.
In short, a worth watching film for the entire family, NIKKA ZAILDAR is like a delicious cake prepared by the director (Simerjit Singh), dialogue writer (Jagdeep Sidhu) and Nirmal Rishi together, presented with a fabulous topping in the form of a talented supporting cast featuring Ammy Virk in the lead, who is fast progressing on the path of becoming a tough competition for Diljt in the coming future. In fact post Diljit here is the second singer turned actor who actually knows the job well and hasn’t just jumped into the bus riding high on his already established fan following and appreciators.
Post Nirmal Rishi and Ammy Virk we have the unsung hero of many Punjabi comedies, Karamjit Anmol at his best playing Ammy’s friend who actually causes the confusions making a silly mistake. Sonam Bajwa looks really pretty in the traditional attires performing much better than all her previous attempts. And everyone else duly makes his or her small but important contribution in the entertaining proceedings especially the actors playing Ammy’s father and grandfather besides Sherry Maan in a cameo. Plus the simple and sweet animation leaves its own impact while moving out of the theatre in a joyful mood.
Summing up, I had a great time watching NIKKA ZAILDAR, laughing out loud at its numerous hilarious sequences like a roller coaster ride. Hence it’s highly recommended to all who can easily understand the language spoken in its original accent, especially the elders in the families who are sure going to enjoy it much more than the younger ones.
However concluding the review with an eye-opener truth about Punjabi Cinema, its biggest irony remains that even in the Punjabi films featuring all Punjabi and Punjab based actors, you still need to make FAKE SIKHS wearing turbans as most of the singers, actors and others have already lost the original identity they were born with.
Interestingly there is a specific sequence in NIKKA ZAILDAR pointing towards this crucial ‘never addressed’ fact with the reference of Turban/Pugg. So do try to catch that one particular scene as a must since you might miss it going with the terrific flow of the film along with the entire theatre.
Just go for it and have a blast.
Rating: 3.5 + 0.5 / 5 (with the additional 0.5 for the veteran Nirmal Rishi for her highly entertaining and flawless act)

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02 Oct 2016 / Comment ( 2 )
Kamal Arora

Nikka Zaildar is a perfect blend of sheer cinematic brilliance, subject treatment, comic timing, awesome dialogues and great punjabi rustic feel. This kind of humour can be only enjoyed in punjabi. Nirmal Rishi ji has carried the whole film on her shoulders. Kudos to her, Ammy virk and Karamjit Anmol. Thoroughly enjoyed this awesome movie. In the same league as Jat & Juliet, Carry On Jatta and Angrez.

Bobby Sing

Dear Kamal,
Thanks a lot for visiting and writing in.

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